Entrepreneur Leah Garcia

Leah Garcia, Founder & CEO

​Leah Garcia is an award-winning TV host and former professional athlete. Having spent her life in the great outdoors, exposed to the elements, she found herself searching for a skin care regimen to keep her camera-ready. Leah's criteria was pretty specific: Performance based, results oriented, ethically derived.

Through mutual friends, she met microbiologist Dr. Ensley in 2005. A close friendship and professional collaboration formed between the two. Leah, who suffered facial paralysis (Bell's Palsy) when she was 28 years old understood firsthand the importance of skin elasticity. Doctors warned her face would continue to deteriorate as she aged, and the Bell's Palsy asymmetry would follow her for life. She began using Dr. Ensley's elastin replenishment skin care formula at the age of 45 and was awestruck by the results. Soon after, Leah was presented with the first eyelash and eyebrow serum containing Dr. Ensley's unique Keracyte® Elastin Complex. Voila! After years of searching, she had found THE PERFECT SOLUTION.

Our Ethics

Founded in January, 2016 to give real people, real results, based on real science.

NULASTIN is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. We are committed to cruelty-free, naturally derived, naturally-sourced, clinically tested, proven safe ingredients and formulas. Our goal is to help individuals defend themselves against matrix protein damage (elastin, collagen & keratin destruction) caused from aging, stress, sun exposure, dehydration, weight loss/gain and environmental factors.

Dr. Ensley

Dr. Burt Ensley

Formulator, Advisor & Co-Founder

Dr. Ensley was elected to the Fellowship in the American Academy of Microbiology in recognition of his research accomplishments.

Our Story

The amazing science behind NULASTIN® is the work of Dr. Burt Ensley, who holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology and served as a former director of Amgen's Specialty Chemicals Group. In the early 1990s, Dr. Ensley set out to develop methods for reproducing human proteins based on recombinant DNA. With a grant from the U.S. Department of Defense and support from the National Science Foundation, Dr. Ensley successfully synthesized the first elastin (Elastatropin®) protein of its kind. He subsequently produced the first human keratin protein using similar techniques. These breakthroughs, the first ever used in cosmetics, are the foundation for our restorative True You FaceCare Collection featuring Keracyte® Elastin Complex.

Dr. Ensley has 30 publications in the peer-reviewed scientific literature and holds 20 issued and 2 pending US patents relating to his field of biology.

Real Lashes • Real Results • For Real People

Finally, a naturally derived, scientifically proven eyelash and eyebrow treatment that doesn't cost thousand of dollars ... and even better ... it takes seconds to apply and you see results in weeks!

Individual results may vary. We recommend using NULASTIN consistently to achieve the most profound, beautiful and noticeable results.