Our Founder and CEO's 2020 New Year's Resolution | NULASTIN

Writing down goals is an obsession of mine. I have a slick whiteboard in my office that serves as a visual reminder of what I want to accomplish. The writing is big, bold, and sloppy. There are arrows, loops, and dots to connect the ideas. When the New Year's resolutions come around every January, I'm in a frenzy to fine-tune every goal and make sure that I'm reaching high enough. 

Here we are in the year 2020. What is it that motivates me this decade? For the most part, it's the same thing that gets me fired up every year. 

I like to live by the Lululemon manifesto: dance, sing, floss, listen/listen/listen, travel, be positive, kind, loving, honest, generous, live by the ocean, do something every day that scares me, honor friends more than money, sweat, soak in sunshine, and DREAM.  
2020 New Year's ResolutionThis year, I'm focusing on the "friends are more important than money" concept as a means to prosper. Let's set the record straight — money is vital when it comes time to pay the bills. However, we all know that money does not buy friends. Isolation from deep, meaningful connections is the opposite of wealth and leaves us pitifully unhealthy (which is also bad for your skin and hair!)

I've struggled with making friends and keeping friends from time-to-time. Oh, how I've blamed ambition...or them. The harsh reality is that I've been de-friended, re-friended, and dismissed. I've held on to casual acquaintances, oftentimes more tightly than close friends. I've let selfishness and scarcity thinking get in the way of 20/20 vision. It's crazy to think how prone I have been to being guarded and judgmental.
Have you ever said to yourself:
"What do they want from me?"
"What's the catch?" 
"What are they trying to get?"

If so, join me in my 2020 New Year's resolution. Be free of that limited mindset. Trust. Forgive. Move on. Lighten up! We all succeed when we elevate one another. Every time I empower my friends, when I love them for who they are (not who I want them to be), I'm tremendously happier and my life is enriched by magnitudes.  

As the founder and CEO of NULASTIN, it's my job to make sure that the business is solvent and profitable. Only then can I give more, give back, and give freely. My business partners are family. Every customer is a friend. I am committed to making sure that I continue to offer friends and family exceptional products, extraordinary service, and meaningful value. 

My promise to you remains, REAL Science, REAL People, REAL Results. 

If we have never met personally, that too may change in 2020. I have been fantasizing about another level of connection, a movement of sorts. Dare I call it a retreat? It's still in the works. Just know I'm very excited, and you're invited.

Here's to a prosperous, self-actualized, glorious New Year!

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