Why has NULASTIN rebranded?

The NULASTIN brand is not our name, logo, messaging or advertising. Our brand is why people choose to do business with us. It’s the reputation of the entire company, the sum total of all the experiences people have with us. It’s what we promise our customers and how well we deliver on those promises.

We believe looking and feeling your best is part of a vibrant and enriched personal care journey. From the content we create, to the packaging on our products, to the ingredients inside, we lead with this mission in mind.

The rebrand better reflects who we are from the inside out. It’s about generational beauty and the universal experience of aging, coming into your own, and accepting and loving your changing looks. NULASTIN products are all about enhancing your natural features, rather than trying to hide the true you.


While the physical packaging of the products is getting a fresh new look, the legitimacy and effectiveness of NULASTIN’s ingredients remains. The new look is elegant with simplistic yet exquisite branding and a clean color palette. The sleek and simple packing reminds consumers of all ages that natural beauty starts with you.

NULASTIN’s products provide scientifically proven, performance based, ethically derived elastin replenishment that accentuate natural beauty, health and vitality. By providing an additional source of elastin to skin and hair, the formula successfully restores the skin’s youthful look and feel, while nurturing the cells that produce stronger, more resilient hair. Ultimately, NULASTIN’s rebrand continues to emphasize results-oriented skincare and haircare for any age.

We hope you’ll love our new look as much as we do and, as always, thank you for joining us on this incredible journey as we continue to bring you groundbreaking, transformative solutions to help you look and feel your best. Keep inspiring us with your stories of self-love and life well-lived. We’ll be here for you through it all. 


- Leah Garcia

100% Performance Guarantee

If our products do not meet your expectations, you can return or exchange them for a full refund at any time.