Too often, women feel pressured to hide any sign of age – covering up the unique features that make them authentically beautiful. As an innovative skin and hair care brand ourselves, we’re here to work against that, showing women everywhere that real beauty isn’t fixed. It doesn’t fade. Beauty changes over time and it isn’t synonymous with youth. But what kind of nonverbal messages are sent when ads exclusively feature young women? And while older women are heavily marketed to, there’s one generation that’s overlooked. Gen X.

Those belonging to Generation X were born between 1965 and 1980. And although Gen Xers are fewer in number than Baby Boomers and Gen Zers, Gen X feels sidelined by brands in the beauty category. Here’s where they stand and why we believe generational beauty is always something to celebrate.

The busy lives of Gen X and their outlook on beauty

Gen X includes some of the busiest people in modern life for a number of reasons. They’re the first to “have it all”. At home, they’re often raising children while simultaneously caring for aging parents. At work, they’re at the height of their careers, holding senior positions while managing teams or kindly serving as mentors to younger colleagues. Maintaining careers, families and social lives is second nature to them. They’re busy. And we see how hard they’re working to stay on top of it all. 

Because they do so much, it’s no wonder this group expects products that deliver authentic results. And if there’s one thing Gen X doesn’t have time for, it’s negative talk around aging. Gen X embraces the next stage of life. And in the same way they’ve reinvented other outdated concepts, they also have a whole new view on retirement. This is the time when they aspire to change careers, monetize their hobbies or simply work less. They plan to stay active in the community and the workforce, which is one big reason they want to take pride in their appearance and continue to look and feel their best for as long as possible. As they search for products to meet their needs, it’s hard to ignore the fact that the larger beauty industry has been missing the mark for years by undeserving – and even forgetting – these women.

Overlooked by beauty brands

Why doesn’t Gen X usually see themselves represented in ad campaigns? The industry has been marginalizing these women for decades because there’s a damaging, yet pervasive, notion that they aren’t young enough to look like “young women” and they aren’t old enough to look like “mature women”. With so many brands catering to twenty-somethings or women clearly over 60, it’s no wonder Gen X women don’t feel like they’re “enough”. They’re stuck in the middle. 

Even featuring women over 60 is a relatively new concept. But there’s still an inexplicable absence of 40-somethings in the mix. What brands are missing is that so much goodness happens in the middle of life – the part of the story these women are experiencing right now. They’re living rich, full lives and looking great while doing it. The industry also fails to understand that not everyone wants to look drastically younger. With Gen X at the helm, most women want to look like the best version of themselves at any age – not 25 forever. 

Instead of chasing youth, this group is all about staying positive while focusing on ways to extend their lives, maximize their health and maintain their natural beauty. It’s not about a fear of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s about choosing the right products to give them that healthy, joyful glow. That’s something to celebrate and makes them exactly the kind of poster girls we want to see.

Overlap with Millennial tastes and transcendent knowledge

Even though Gen X sometimes feels forgotten in favor of their younger millennial “siblings,” their tastes and needs are overlapping when it comes to fashion, beauty and self-care. Millennials are starting to notice the same skin concerns as Gen X and they trust what Gen Xers have relied on for years. Like the best beauty secrets, favorite brands, products and techniques are passed between generations, from grandmothers and mothers to their daughters and so on. Generational beauty is transcendent.

Regardless of age, most women are looking for simple, natural products that actually work. The ones that get passed from one generation to the next are the ones that are easy to use and target specific problems. Some things just never go out of style. Classic colors, sophisticated packaging that looks gorgeous on your vanity and offers proven results. Bonus points if the products are dual or multi-purpose – because their time is precious and they have places to be.

Even though the industry has taken too long to give these women the attention they deserve, we see their strength. How can you overlook the exceptional confidence that comes only from age? It’s not just from finding the right lipstick or moisturizer. Those things certainly help (that feeling when you find the perfect shade!). But real confidence grows with you through every stage of life. 

As Gen X looks to the past and the future, they know the value of their experiences. They don’t have time for fussy, overcomplicated regimens. They adore the elegance of simplicity and tend to prioritize quality over quantity when building their routines. We’re here to help these women celebrate and nourish their natural beauty with the power of NULASTIN®.

By providing an additional source of elastin to your skin and hair, our Elastaplex® Technology successfully restores the skin’s youthful look and feel, while nurturing the cells that produce stronger, more resilient hair. Our entire collection helps defend against matrix protein damage caused by aging, stress, sun exposure, weight changes and other factors.

100% Performance Guarantee

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