Real Talk. Real Tips to Elevate Your Glow. Quenched by HidrateSpark and NULASTIN

Didn’t get a chance to toast to the drink of summer? No worries, we’re here to quench your thirst.

From debunking antiquated hydration studies to offering practical solutions for better self-care, our panel of hydration experts took to Instagram Live on Friday in celebration of National Hydration Day. If you didn’t catch it, our panel is full of incredible success stories and is now officially ready for your replay. 

Toasting to the drink of summer, our powerhouse panel, hosted by NULASTIN CEO and founder Leah Garcia, included Coleman Iverson, CEO and Co-Founder of HidrateSpark, Katie Wafer Gillberg, Founder of Hydrate IV Bar, and Joe De Sena, Founder and CEO of Spartan, the world’s leading endurance obstacle race brand. 

The panel leveled up with its experts, addressing how hydration impacts the body, productivity, and mood. Listeners gleaned practical statistics and game-changing insights from each panelist’s industry deep bench of knowledge and personal anecdotes.

  • Pro-athlete-turned-beauty-founder Leah Garcia brings first-hand knowledge of hydration and achieving top physical performance and how it helps improve skin elasticity, which transforms hair and skin.
  • Innovative designer by trade, adventure seeker by nature, CEO and Co-Founder of HidrateSpark, Coleman Iverson explains a technology that turns a plain water bottle into a smart one that is clinically proven to help beat dehydration.
  • Katie Wafer Gillberg, the visionary of Hydrate IV Bar, offers insights and discusses the benefits of health and wellness spas specializing in IV therapy, and vitamin injections. 
  • Joe De Sena, Founder and CEO of Spartan, fires up the audience with his quest to build unbreakable humans. 

Our panel agrees that hydration is the key ingredient to overall well being. “In my household, we blame every ailment on dehydration,” said Garcia. “Water is always top of mind, and I was thrilled to be joined by like-minded founders for an educational, 360-conversation on National Hydration Day.” 

Cheers to a panel dedicated to making hydration COOL, today and every day.

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