Top 3 Tips for Best Beauty Sleep on the Go

As fun and fulfilling as travel can be, any disruption in your routine can impact sleep quality. And since our bodies replenish inside and out during these essential hours of rest, they're nonnegotiable. So, what’s the best way to set yourself up for sleep success on the go?  

  • Hack your circadian rhythm.
  • We’re all familiar with the drawbacks of jet lag caused by the misalignment between your home time zone and local time where you’re visiting. The key to faster recovery is to realign your circadian rhythm. To do this, prep work makes all the difference. We’ve heard great things about the Timeshifter app, which can help you update your routine before your trip to better align your rhythm beforehand. 

    Physical activity like walking and stretching your legs, properly timed light/window exposure and melatonin supplements play a role here as well. The goal is to minimize the shift as much as possible so you can jump right into the best parts of travel.

  • Skip caffeine & alcohol (at least until arrival).
  • This is a tough one, especially with holiday travel and early mornings, but crucial for getting the best rest on the go. Coffee will give you that instant energy boost but it can also disrupt your natural rest patterns. If you can’t go without your morning coffee ritual, consider switching to decaf or choosing a less caffeinated option like a warming chai tea latte, which has about half as much caffeine as a typical cup of black coffee. 

    And it’s no secret that alcohol can wreak havoc on your sleep – impacting the quality and length of each sleep stage. If you’re indulging in leisure travel, it can be tempting to start celebrating early, but do your best to hold off until you’ve made it to your destination.

  • Pack with “nighttime” comfort in mind. 
  • This is a good one, even for minimalists and light packers. If there’s anything that’s worth a little extra baggage space, it’s good quality rest. This means being prepared with essentials like warm socks, headphones or earplugs, a cozy eye mask (great for controlling light exposure) and a water bottle to help you stay hydrated. If you can’t make space for a travel pillow, a rolled up travel blanket or scarf can serve dual-purpose for warmth and neck support.

    Bonus points for those who keep their skincare routine holy during travel days. Hint: our Luxe Travel Kit makes it easy.

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