HAIR 2-PACK Vibrant Scalp Treatment with Keracyte® Elastin Complex

“I've had a bald spot for years. There are hairs growing there now!”

– Alex S.

HAIR 2-PACK Vibrant Scalp Treatment with Keracyte® Elastin Complex


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Promotes stronger, thicker, more resilient hair. This elegant formula contains a form of human elastin called Elastatropin® that helps replenish the elastin your scalp loses every day. Keracyte® Elastin Complex stimulates degraded hair follicles by strengthening hair-producing cells; attracting new hair-producing cells and attracting hair coloring cells.

The ingredients in NULASTIN’s Vibrant Scalp Treatment are key in maintaining a healthy and vibrant scalp. Keracyte® Elastin Complex will help your hair shafts visibly grow longer, thicker and with more of your original color … and help you maintain the appearance of a full head of hair. No matter your age, gender or health, Vibrant Scalp Treatment is always a great line of defense to unhealthy and thinning hair. The science behind our product makes it a great choice for all. Get 2 packs at a reduced price. 

For men and women. All skin types.

Naturally derived naturally sourced ingredients. FREE of Top Common Allergy Causing Preservatives. No Parabens, No Lanolin, No Coconut, No Topical Antibiotics, No MCI/MI, and No Gluten.

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Aqua (water), Hyaluronic Acid, Carbomer, Keracyte® (Keratin), Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, Elastatropin® (Tropoelastin), Provitamin B5, SymPeptide™ (Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17), Glycerol, Sodium Benzoate, EPA Lipid (Eicosapentaenoic Ester), Gluconolactone

*No Added Fragrance

*Concentrated Formula

U.S. Patent No: 5,726,040; 6,451,326; 6,572,845; 6,808,707; 9,114,928 U.S.

Patent Pending No: 20,110,158,924


How To Use

  • Apply twice daily
  • Twist cap to open, place two or three pumps onto fingertips
  • Apply directly to scalp where growth is desiredGently massage the product into scalp using a back and forth motion for about 1 minute until absorbed
  • Focus on trouble area first before massaging full scalp 
  • Wash hands well after application


100% LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. We strongly urge customers to commit to three or more months of use before making a judgment about the effectiveness of the product. With NULASTIN, there is no timeline on receiving a refund, so breath, relax and give our formula time to nurture your scalp and fortify your hair.


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Just WOW!!!!!

My hair has been getting thinner and thinner for years. I am 46 years old and was really starting to panic that the whole top of my head might be bald by the time I was 50!! I saw an ad on Facebook for Nulastin, and decided I had nothing to lose! I took the before picture and cringed when I looked at it, emailed it to myself and deleted it from my camera roll because it was embarrassing to even have it on my phone! I've been using Nulastin for 2 months now and I'm not going to lie, I haven't been perfect with remembering every single application and have even had a few busy days where I forgot to use it at all. I knew it was doing something, but I guess when something is gradual you don't notice it yourself as much. When my mom complimented my hair today (no one EVER compliments my hair!!) I decided to take another picture so I could see how much progress I had actually made. I was blown away when I put my before picture, from 8 weeks ago next to today's picture!!! I just placed another order, because I never want to run out of this miracle in a bottle!! I know its a little pricey, but IT WORKS and when I look at my two month results, I think it is worth every penny!!!!! Thank you Nulastin for this amazing product!!!


I have had an issue with my hair thinning since my son passed away. (10 yrs) I have tried every pill, shampoo, tonics, powder fill in ever made. Started using Nulastin about 1.5 months ago, and I looked at a picture of me and I could not believe how much my hair has thickened. I was not worried about length, but the sides of my hair were showing my scalp and you can only arrange your hair to cover for so long!! I am amazed and happy...and thankful that there is a real solution. I started out with the lash serum (wonderful) then the eyebrows, so good I actually have to pluck some hairs!!! Thank you for making this product, you guys are winners!

Completely Taken by Surprise

I have been using the hair treatment for about 2 months. I have noticed that I was losing way more hair in the shower and that I had acquired two bald spots on each side of my head around the temple area. I had started trying to style my hair to hide them. I decided to give this product a try. The surprise came when a friend of mine asked me if I thought it was working and I told her that I didn't think so. She pulled my hair back and said "oh my gosh - your bald spots are gone". The hair had come back in and I had not even noticed because it was so natural. She took a picture for me and we looked at the before and after. I was shocked. I have no hesitation in recommending this product. It is amazing.

Nulastin Brow

Nulastin Brow is an excellent product! My eyebrows are fuller after 3 weeks of use. I even recommended it to my relatives who very happy and fully satisfied. Highly recommended!!!


I have been using the lash and brow serum for several months and had seen fantastic results in one month! My daughter thought I had lash extensions!! I just started using the hair serum and I'm anxious to see what happens with the thin spots on my head. Thanks you so much for creating these products. I absolutely love them!!!

So happy to have found this product!

After menopause, I lost so much hair from my eyebrows and what was left turned gray and poked out funny in all different directions. There were missing spots too. I was always having to color them in and if I didn't, I looked funny like a ghost or half dead because I'm fair skinned and blond haired. It only took a few short weeks and what an incredible difference the eyebrow serum made! Not only did my brows become lush, the hair was pliant and laid flat and silky not sticking out like a porcupine like before! Also the hair went back to my original eyebrow color, no more gray hairs! It makes me look so much younger. I no longer have to pencil anything in! I am so happy to have found this product! I am just now starting to use the scalp treatment, so I will let you know how it goes!

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Clinically Proven

LASH-BROW: Clinically proven to help rejuvenate hair follicles through enriched elastin and keratin therapy. Increases lash density up to 120% and increases length up to 60%. SKIN Evaluation: Quantitative results of 91% improvement in overall skin smoothness.

skin safe ingredients

Naturally sourced and naturally derived ingredients, FREE of top common allergy causing preservatives. NO parabens, NO Lanolin, NO Topical Antibiotics, NO MCI/MI and NO Gluten. Vegan.

lifetime guarantee

No other product on the market supports the restoration of elastin, making NULASTIN a game changing formula that delivers uncompromising results. Guaranteed.

easy to use

Unlike extensions, fake lashes, or micro-blading which is risky and tedious, NULASTIN LASH & BROW serum takes 10 SECONDS to apply, is non-invasive and rejuvenates your natural hair follicles for thicker, longer looking, REAL lashes and brows!

proudly made in usa

Small batch formulations are hand made in the USA for freshness and quality assurance. You can be sure that when you receive NULASTIN, that it is of the highest quality. Our elastin-replenishment protein was originally designed as a treatment for wound healing for the U.S. Department of Defense.

cruelty free

We are proud to be cruelty free by not testing any of our ingredients, formulations, or finished products on animals of any kind and we pledge not to ever do so in the future. Our ethically sourced elastin & keratin proteins are one of the biggest breakthroughs you’ll find in our formula compared to other brands.