How does NULASTIN with Keracyte® Elastin Complex work? What’s in it?

Our unique formulations contain patented DNA proteins with five biologically active ingredients. We use a cruelty-free form of a real elastin protein in a complex chain of 600 amino acids. Our flagship ingredient, Elastatropin® is the precursor to human elastin, a protein that restores elastic properties to the skin and nurtures cells that produce hair follicles. By combining this patented protein with Keracyte® (keratin), your hair follicles are energized, allowing them to naturally increase their rate of production, demonstrably invigorating the eyelash and eyebrow growth cycle.

The rejuvenating SKIN collection is a proprietary formula that also contains ProliSel®, a unique antioxidant that delays the look of aging by protecting against oxidation and damage caused by free-radicals, visibly reducing dark spots and helping to protect your skin against the sun’s damaging ultraviolet radiation. Support in scientific literature shows that Prolisel®, in concert with Elastatropin®, has synergistic effects on skin cells to positively influence wound healing, skin health, structure and integrity.  The scientific formulas were originally developed as a treatment for wound healing and tissue regeneration by our co-founder and formulator, microbiologist Dr. Burt Ensley.

Who can use this product?

Products are great for men and women, all skin types, all ethnicities.

PREGNANT & NURSING WOMEN: We recommend that a woman who is pregnant or nursing consult with her doctor about her current products and/or the use of NULASTIN to her FaceCare routine. Please use the ingredient list to inform the doctor. 

TEENAGE CHILDREN: We recommend that you discuss the use of NULASTIN LASH & BROW by persons under 18 years old with a doctor.

How is NULASTIN LASH & BROW Serum different from other products on the market?
NULASTIN is the only source used in cosmetics that contains real elastin, real keratin and real science backed by the National Science Foundation.
NULASTIN has five synergistic active ingredients – and is the only LASH & BROW serum on the market that addresses all four stages of the hair growth cycle. In other words, the appearance of more growth, more thickness, less shedding. The end result is hair follicles that have more vitality giving you fuller, thicker, longer looking natural lashes and brows.
No other formula has our Follicle Growth Factor peptide (FGF™) and our patented elastin and keratin proteins that are naturally derived and identical to the corresponding human DNA proteins (so your body recognizes them). Keratins can range in quality and can differ from where they are sourced. Some keratins are made from plants and some animal by-products. A common animal by-product is bovine blood plasma. Our unique proteins are one of the biggest breakthroughs you’ll find in our formula compared to other brands.
NULASTIN is made in the U.S.A. by world-renowned microbiologist, Dr. Burt Ensley. We are committed to small batch, bioavailable serums that deliver real results. Unlike big cosmetic companies with product that may sit on shelves for months, our formula is always fresh, potent and highly effective. We are free of top known allergens and preservatives. We have never and won’t ever test on animals. NULASTIN is cruelty-free, Paraben-free, lanolin-free, gluten-free and more.  
Do I have to keep using the product forever?
To boost the ongoing appearance of longer, fuller eyelashes and natural eyebrows, yes, you should continue using the LASH & BROW serum as an ongoing part of your daily routine.
The good news, is that you can back off after you achieve a desired look.
For LASHES and BROWS: Once you reach a point of satisfaction, you can apply the serum 1x per day. Another option is to decrease application to three or four times per week. When you want to pump up the results again, go back to 2x per day use.
For SKIN: ​Using NULASTIN morning and night allows your body to rejuvenate that youthful looking glow, firmness and elasticity with ease, resulting in an effective and convenient treatment for aging skin and wrinkles.
Using NULASTIN with Keracyte® Elastin Complex every day, month and year of your life will provide an opportunity to continuously improve your lashes, brows and skin. Think of it as a healthy lifestyle choice similar to nutrition and hydration.
My eyelashes are falling out and my eyebrows are thinning. Can I grow them back?

There are approximately 100-300 top lashes and 60-80 lashes on the bottom. Just like the hair on your head, your lashes fall out naturally and grow back naturally. If you suffer from a disorder, are undergoing chemotherapy, have hormonal conditions or are experiencing elastin and keratin (matrix protein) damage, your normal growth cycle may be jeopardized. When elastin and other matrix proteins surrounding and supporting the hair follicles are damaged, the number of cells that produce hair break-down. This causes the follicles to become smaller. Hair loses its color and the shaft becomes thin and fragile. We recommend a healthy diet, lifestyle and skin regimen as a first step. It is important to maintain the health and vitality of your skin and hair with NULASTIN. It’s much easier to keep the hair you have than it is to regrow the hair you’ve lost. NULASTIN invigorates, fortifies and nurtures your follicles.

When will I see results?
Founder and CEO, Leah Garcia got her first unsolicited compliment on her glowing skin after a few short weeks of using NULASTIN. Not everyone will respond the same way; however, after 12 weeks using the SKIN line, you should notice your skin becoming plumper, smoother, brighter and more dewy.
The LASH natural follicle fortifying serum can generate changes within weeks. Lashes may feel more luxurious and hold mascara better. Within a month, overall changes may be noticeable, including length, width and density. The brows are more tenacious. Stay the course! Best practice is to stroke the product in the area where hair is sparse 2x per day (morning & night). Certain spots may be problematic and may take 6 months or longer to look better; sometimes not at all if the follicle is damaged beyond repair. Brow serum is great for men’s sideburns, beards and goatees.
With regard to the performance of the product, not seeing results immediately may just be timing. Lashes and brows grow in stages, lasting 3-4 months.
  • The first stage (anagen) is when your hair grows a little every day (30-45 days).
  • The second stage (catagen) is the transition or regression phase when your hair follicles shrink, allowing the strands (bulb) to extend towards the surface (2-3 weeks).
  • Third stage (telogen) is a resting phase. Your hair bulb is inactive and the hairs eventually fall out (+/- 100 days).
  • Fourth stage (late telogen) is reassembly. This is where new follicles are formed. Think of it as the re-awakening process before the lashes start back into a growth phase.
If the majority of your lashes are in the third stage (for example), you may need to use the NULASTIN serum longer to see changes compared to someone who is in their active phase. 
Will this eyelash serum change the color of my eyes?

This is a great question, since there is a misconception about prostaglandins used as an ingredient in other brands. We researched a variety of articles from leading plastic surgeons, dermatologists and ophthalmologists. They have never seen a change in eye color. In all the clinical trials for FDA cleared Latisse, no cases were ever reported for their product when used as an eyelash enhancer. In extremely rare instances, eye color variation was noted when the active prostaglandin was used as a glaucoma medication and applied directly to the cornea. In lieu of the prostaglandin in question, NULASTIN uses five active ingredients to deliver results.

What are some possible adverse reactions? Is NULASTIN natural, ethical, safe?

NULASTIN uses naturally derived, naturally sourced ingredients. All formulas are paraben-free, top allergen-free, clinically evaluated, and proven safe. No adverse effects were reported on the SKIN or LASH clinical evaluations. 

The lash & brow product should not cause discomfort. They are topical applications. To avoid tingling, itchiness or redness for those with sensitive eyes, we recommend using a conservative amount of serum. For eyelashes, apply the serum on the upper eyelids only, once per day in the morning (and not at night before bed), as the eyes seem to respond better, until your skin acclimates. Sensitivity symptoms typically disappear after 3-5 days.

If you experience an adverse reaction, please stop using the product immediately. Depending on your individual experience, it may be possible to stop using the serum(s) for a week or so until the skin calms down, and then reintroducing the serum. If you introduce the serum(s) slowly and still find them to be bothersome, then, sadly you may not be a candidate for our follicle fortifying formula.  

Individual sensitivities to cosmetic ingredients are a fact of life. According to the “Allergic Living” database, it is a common myth that allergic reactions automatically become worse with each exposure. However, the severity of future reactions is unpredictable. It could be the same, less or more severe. It is important to talk to your doctor about how to avoid allergen(s).

List the active ingredients that address hair growth. Is there a shelf life?

We are committed to fresh, small-batch production. How is this important? Think of our NULASTIN formulas as influencing living tissue: THRIVING. Bio-Active ingredients have a shelf life, which is why we recommend using NULASTIN within 9 months for maximum effectiveness, guaranteeing freshness. Keep the products in your refrigerator or store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Do not freeze the products.

Active Ingredients for the LASH & BROW serum and their role in the hair growth cycle:

Elastatropin® – Active Ingredient (Exclusive to NULASTIN) Addresses the ANAGEN and LATE TELOGEN STAGE OF HAIR GROWTH. Delivers elastin to the matrix of the skin, nourishing the cells that produce hair follicles. Invigorates hair growth function. Conditions and protects the hair follicle. Supports the reawaking of healthy stem cells.

Keracyte® (Keratin) – Active Ingredient (Exclusive to NULASTIN) Addresses the TELOGEN STAGE OF HAIR GROWTH. A novel DNA protein that is a component of human hair. Visibly restores the overall density, shaping and thickening of the eyelashes and eyebrows. Keratin’s can range in quality and can differ from where they are sourced. Some keratins are made from plants and some animal by-products. A common animal by-product is bovine blood plasma. Our unique proteins are one of the biggest breakthroughs you’ll find in our formula compared to other brands.
FGF™ (Follicle Growth Factor) – Active Ingredient (Exclusive to NULASTIN) Addresses the CATAGEN STAGE OF HAIR GROWTH. Retards (shortens) catagen development; Extends the productive anagen phase of the hair follicle lifecycle. Collaborates with the naturally occurring proteins that maintain the active phase of lash & eyebrow hair growth development.
Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 – Active Ingredient (Not exclusive) Addresses the ANAGEN STAGE OF HAIR GROWTH. A bioavailable keratin stimulating peptide: A Liao-Oligopeptide. Signals the cells; significantly stimulates keratin genes; nourishes, stimulates, hydrates and protects the follicle.
Eicosapentaenoic Ester – EPA Lipid (Beta-3 fatty acid) – Active Ingredient (Unique to NULASTIN) Addresses the ANAGEN STAGE OF HAIR GROWTH. Energizes the follicles and primes them to increase their rate of production; demonstrably invigorating the growth cycle. Protects against breakage and thinning.

Can I wear it under makeup? Is is safe for eyelash extensions?

All NULASTIN products are designed for ease-of-use and can be applied under makeup with little to no wait time. For best results use twice daily to clean dry eyes and/or skin.

NULASTIN LASH is highly recommended for individuals with eyelash extensions. Lash extensions wreck havoc on your natural lashes. We have found that daily application of our follicle fortifying serum helps maintain the integrity of your real eyelashes.

Why are the LASH & BROW serum containers so small?

Each LASH and BROW tube contains 3 mL of concentrated serum. This is comparable with the industry standard size (Latisse 3mL, Lilash 2mL, LashFood 3mL, RevitaLash 4mL, VegaLash 4mL, R&F LashBoost 5mL @ $150.00). Many of these popular brands use bigger external packaging that makes the product feel and look heavier. We at NULASTIN opted to use small, lightweight containers so they are easy to travel with, fit anywhere and have a no-nonsense approach. It is important for us to spend more money on the patented, powerful, active ingredients inside the container than on the packaging. The goal is to give you, the customer the highest quality product on the market. Visual appeal is important to us. Just know that we won’t upgrade packaging at the expense of what’s inside. Likewise, we reject the idea of having customers absorb a price increase for a capricious designer look.

How long will the LASH & BROW SERUM last?

The 3 mL LASH tube should last 4-6 weeks when used twice daily, morning and evening and the 3 mL BROW tube, when used twice daily will last approximately 4 weeks (longer for some users depending on application style). Once you achieve your ideal look, you can back off the application to once per day, whereby the product will last much longer. When you want to accelerate the results again, just up the frequency to twice daily. Never use the LASH or BROW serum more than 2x per day. The formula is maximized for potency at the recommended dose. More is not better.

What’s a trick to make the serums last longer?
Don’t double dip! Once you pull the wand out of the respective tubes, you will not need to re-dip. Double dipping wastes product and is unnecessary. Each unique brush holds adequate formula to cover both eyes (lash lines) and both brows. FOR EYELASHES, remove the eyeliner style brush and apply the serum to the base of one upper eyelash and then the other without re-dipping. FOR EYEBROWS, remove the spoolie style brush and stroke the serum on one eyebrow and then the other without re-dipping. Once you have “painted” both brows individually, go back (without re-dipping) and use short scrubbing movements to invigorate the area where hair growth is desired.

LASH Directions:

Use the applicator (eyeliner-style) brush, apply a thin line of the serum to the base of the upper eyelashes starting from the inner to the outer corner of the eye.

BROW Directions:

Use the applicator (spoolie-style) brush, stroke the serum onto the eyebrows (or sideburns, beards and goatees) using a short vigorous motion directly on the hair follicle and/or the skin where hair growth is desired.

SKIN Care Directions:
STEP [1] Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, STEP [2] Refining Conditioning Toner, STEP [3] Intensive Hydrating Serum, STEP [4] Rejuvenating Facial Moisturizer.
Too busy for all these steps?  Fabulous results are possible if you choose one step and one product. The #1 rated Rejuvenating Facial Moisturizer is your go-to for men and women, all skin types. Apply after a shower or rinsing your face. We still recommend using it twice per day for best results.
What are the results for the LASH clinical trial?
An independent clinical evaluation was performed for the LASH formula and the results were impressive. NULASTIN outperformed the competition, even the brand that is sold by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and medi-spas. Our 12-week study was performed applying a topical placement of the serum on the upper eye lash, one brush stroke medial to lateral twice per day (morning and evening). Up to 61% improvement to the appearance of lash length and up to 120% increased lash density. We have not found a competitive over-the-counter brand with published clinical trials and quantitative evaluations that compares. Nor have we found another formula with human elastin and keratin proteins, five active ingredients, five issued U.S. patents, National Science Foundation support and a lifetime performance guarantee.
Our pledge is to always use ethics in research and publication.
Real science means patents and publications, what do you have?
Our products, formulation, manufacturing know-how and methods are protected by U.S. intellectual property, including U.S. patents, trademarks and copyrights. Dr. Ensley, our formulator has 30 publications in peer-reviewed scientific literature. We have five issued U.S. Patents and one Patent pending on our active ingredients.
  • U.S. PATENT NO. 5,726,040 “Cosmetic Compositions”
  • U.S. PATENT NO. 6,451,326 “Cosmetic Compositions”
  • U.S. PATENT NO. 6,572,845 “Recombinant Hair Treatment”
  • U.S. PATENT NO. 6,808,707 “Tropoelastin”
  • U.S. PATENT NO. 9,114,128 “Tropoelastin and uses thereof”
  • U.S. PATENT PENDING NO. 20110158924 “Photo-Protective Dermatological Formulations
Did you conduct quantitative clinical evaluations for the SKIN line?
Yes! We are very proud to have a scientist as our co-founder. We don’t Photoshop, exaggerate, or speculate. A 12-week clinical study was completed using the NULASTIN skin formulation. Skin smoothness, fine lines and wrinkles were evaluated using digital photography, Profilometry, self-assessment and an outside panel of examiners. RESULTS were spectacular.
Up to 75% had overall improvement and the skin showed a 49% reduction in roughness. 97% experienced a more youthful appearance, 95% loved that skin was not greasy and the moisturizer could be applied under makeup, and 92% saw a reduction in fine lines. There were no adverse events or side effects. Over 10,000 individuals have used the SKIN care formulation as part of ongoing consumer evaluations.
Why is elastin important? What’s the urgency?

The human body stops producing structural proteins such as elastin at puberty. What you have at about the age of 12 is intended to last a lifetime. Stress, sun exposure, tobacco, weight changes, harsh weather conditions and aging accelerate the loss of elastin. With hormonal changes at about age 35, the negative effects reveal themselves with increased scarring, sagging skin, blotchy, dry, dull skin and hair; sparse lashes and brows, and an inability to regenerate certain tissues and organs.

Tell me about your Lifetime Performance Guarantee?
We value your business and want you to be completely satisfied with NULASTIN®’s True You FaceCare Collection products. May we ask that you double check to ensure that you have used the skin, lash and/or brow products consistently, correctly and within 9 months from the original purchase date? 
Our Policy: If the product did not perform up to your expectations, you may exchange it; or return it at any time for a full refundless shipping and handling charges, which includes ethical, responsible processing and disposal of the packaging, containers and contents. 
Please take your time adjusting to and using NULASTIN products. The 10% handling fee will be charged for all single item returns/refunds; or a 15% handling fee will be charged for returns/refunds that include two or more items. A request to return multiple (retroactive) and duplicate product orders, placed over the course of months and/or years will not be approved unless special consideration is granted by the Company. 
SPECIAL CAMPAIGNS [Limited Time Offers] are included in the Lifetime Guarantee Return Policy. Returns must include all products shipped in the special campaign for a full refund (less shipping and handling charges.) If you keep any items from special campaign (bonus product, bundled items and/or free gifts), you will be charged at full retail price (plus shipping and handling charges) and this will be deducted from the refund amount.
How do I make an Exchange/Return?
All returns require an RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization) to be processed. We only accept returns on NULASTIN products that were purchased from our company and authorized sellers. 
Our policy: If the product did not perform up to your expectations, you may exchange it; or return it at any time for a 100% refund, excluding shipping and handling. A 10% handling fee will be charged for all single item returns/refunds; and a 15% handling fee will be charged for returns/refunds that include two or more items. A request to return multiple (retroactive) and duplicate product orders, placed over the course of months and/or years will not be approved unless special consideration is granted by the Company. 
To receive an RMA# from NULASTIN, please send us an email to with your full name, email address, phone number, the product and reason for the return.  Once we review, your unique RMA# will be emailed to you.
If the product was damaged during shipping, we will send out a new duplicate product or refund your original purchase price when we receive your damaged item. We will cover the shipping cost of damaged products returned to us.
You will be notified via e-mail once we have received the returned item and processed your refund. The refund will be made in the same form of payment originally used for purchase within 7 business days of receiving your return.
Ship your returned product(s), along with the RMA# and/or email printout to:
1200 Pearl Street, Suite 300
NULASTIN does not supply a return label. To ensure delivery, please send your returned product via a tracking method. Refunds cannot be processed for packages lost in transit. Return shipping fees are not refundable.