How does NULASTIN True You Face Care Collection with Keracyte® Youth Complex work?

Our high-performance formulations contain patented DNA proteins with five biologically active ingredients that replenish the appearance of elastin, collagen and luster to the skin; plus, condition hair follicles to enhance of the look of longer, thicker eyelashes and natural, full eyebrows. We use a cruelty-free, laboratory synthesized form of a human elastin protein in a complex chain of 600 amino acids. The scientific formulas were originally developed as a treatment for wound healing and tissue regeneration by our co-founder and formulator, microbiologist Dr. Burt Ensley.

Who can use this product?

Products are great for men and women, all skin types, all ethnicities.

Why is elastin important? What's the urgency?
The human body stops producing structural proteins such as elastin at puberty. What you have at about the age of 12 is intended to last a lifetime. Stress, sun exposure, tobacco, weight changes, harsh weather conditions and aging accelerate the loss of elastin. With hormonal changes at about age 35, the negative effects reveal themselves with increased scarring, sagging skin, blotchy, dry, dull skin and hair; sparse lashes and brows, and an inability to regenerate certain tissues and organs.

Is there a cut-off period when I can stop using the product?  Will my lashes and skin be forever perfect even after I stop?

The idea of not using NULASTIN True You Face Care Collection with Keracyte® Youth Complex, once you've experienced your own breathtaking transformation may cause you to hyperventilate. Stopping is not an option if you want ongoing results.

Using NULASTIN morning and night allows your body to rejuvenate that youthful looking glow, firmness and elasticity with ease, resulting in an effective and convenient treatment for aging skin and wrinkles; and a means to boost the appearance of longer, fuller eyelashes and natural eyebrows. Every day, month, year of your life that you use the Collection will provide an opportunity to continuously improve your lashes, brows, hair and skin.

When will I see results?

Founder and CEO, Leah Garcia got her first unsolicited compliment on her glowing skin after a few short weeks of using NULASTIN True You FaceCare Collection with Keracyte® Youth Complex. Not everyone will respond the same way; however,

after 12 weeks using the SKIN line, you should notice your skin becoming plumper, smoother, brighter and more dewy.

The lash natural follicle fortifying serum can generate changes within weeks. Lashes may feel more luxurious and hold mascara better. Within a month, overall changes may be noticeable, including length, width and density. The brows are more tenacious. Stay the course! Best practice is to stroke the product in the area where hair is sparse 2x per day (morning & night). Certain spots may be problematic and may take 6 months or longer to look better; sometimes not at all if the follicle is damaged beyond repair. Brow serum is great for men's sideburns, beards and goatees.

Active ingredients mean there's a shelf life, right?

We are committed to fresh, small-batch production. How is this important? Think of our NULASTIN formulas as influencing living tissue: Thriving. Bio-Active ingredients have a shelf life, which is why we recommend using NULASTIN True You Face Care Collection with Keracyte® Youth Complex within 9 months for maximum effectiveness. NULASTIN is made with GOOD HANDS; guaranteeing freshness. Keep the products in your refrigerator or store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Do not freeze the products.

Did you conduct quantitative clinical evaluations for the SKIN line?

Yes! We are very proud to have a scientist as our co-founder. We don't Photoshop, exaggerate, or speculate. A 12-week clinical study was completed using the NULASTIN skin formulation. Skin smoothness, fine lines and wrinkles were evaluated using digital photography, Profilometry, self-assessment and an outside panel of examiners. RESULTS were spectacular.

Up to 75% had overall improvement and the skin showed a 49% reduction in roughness. 97% experienced a more youthful appearance, 95% loved that skin was not greasy and the moisturizer could be applied under makeup, and 92% saw a reduction in fine lines. There were no adverse events or side effects. Over 10,000 individuals have used the SKIN care formulation as part of ongoing consumer evaluations.

How about the eyelashes? Any proof that NULASTIN works?

Impressive results for the lashes! We outperformed the competition, even the brand that is sold by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and medi-spas. Our 12-week study was performed applying a topical placement of the serum on the upper eye lash, one brush stroke medial to lateral twice per day (morning and evening). Up to 61% improvement to the appearance of lash length and up to 120% increased lash density. We have not found a competitive over-the-counter brand with published clinical trials and quantitative evaluations that compares. Nor have we found another formula with human elastin and keratin proteins, five active ingredients, five issued U.S. patents, National Science Foundation support and a lifetime performance guarantee.

Our pledge is to always use ethics in research and publication.

Real science means patents and publications, what do you have?

Our products, formulation, manufacturing know-how and methods are protected by U.S. intellectual property, including U.S. patents, trademarks and copyrights. Dr. Ensley, our formulator has 30 publications in peer-reviewed scientific literature. We have five issued U.S. Patents and one Patent pending on our active ingredients.
U.S. PATENT NO. 5,726,040 “Cosmetic Compositions”
U.S. PATENT NO. 6,451,326 “Cosmetic Compositions”

U.S. PATENT NO. 6,572,845 “Recombinant Hair Treatment”

U.S. PATENT NO. 6,808,707 “Tropoelastin”

U.S. PATENT NO. 9,114,128 “Tropoelastin and uses thereof”

U.S. PATENT PENDING NO. 20110158924 “Photo-Protective Dermatological Formulations”

Is your product natural, ethical, safe?

NULASTIN uses naturally derived, naturally sourced ingredients. All formulas are paraben-free, top allergen-free, clinically evaluated, and proven safe. No adverse effects were reported on the SKIN or LASH clinical evaluations. A few customers have experienced slight difficulty adjusting to the invigoration when starting the LASH Follicle Fortifying Serum. These systems typically disappear after 3-5 days of usage. To avoid tingling, itchiness or redness, we recommend using a conservative amount of serum on the upper eyelids only, once per day in the morning until your body acclimates. If the irritation does not go away, you should stop using the product completely. Individual sensitivities to ingredients are a fact of life, not a reflection of a product flaw.

I heard that eyelash serums can change the color of my eyes. Is this true? What are the side effects?

This is a great question, since there is a misconception about prostaglandins. According to leading facial plastic surgeons and ophthalmologists, they have never seen a change in eye color. Furthermore, the prescription brand in question conducted extensive clinical studies and there were no reports of change in eye color. In extremely rare instances, eye color variation was noted when the active prostaglandin was used as a glaucoma medication and applied directly to the cornea. In lieu of a prostaglandin, NULASTIN uses five active ingredients, including an EPA Lipid (Beta-3 fatty acid) to deliver results.

Tell me about your Lifetime Performance Guarantee?

We value your business and want you to be completely satisfied with NULASTIN®’s True You FaceCare Collection products. May we ask that you double check to ensure that you have used the skin, lash and/or brow products consistently, correctly and within 9 months from the original purchase date? If the product did not perform up to your expectations, you may exchange it; or return it at any time for a 100% refund, excluding shipping charges. A 15% processing fee will be added for returns that include two or more items.

How do I make an Exchange/Return?

All returns require an RMA# (Return Merchandise Authorization) to be processed. We only accept returns on NULASTIN products that were purchased from our company and authorized sellers.

To receive an RMA# from NULASTIN, please send us an email to with your full name, email address, phone number, the product and reason for the return.  Once we review, your unique RMA# will be emailed to you.

If the product was damaged during shipping, we will send out a new duplicate product or refund your original purchase price when we receive your damaged item. We will cover the shipping cost of damaged products returned to us.

You will be notified via e-mail once we have received the returned item and processed your refund. The refund will be made in the same form of payment originally used for purchase within 7 business days of receiving your return.

Ship your returned product(s), along with the RMA# and/or email printout to:


310 Linden Avenue

Boulder, CO 80304

To ensure delivery, please send your returned product via insured Federal Express or Parcel Post. Refunds cannot be processed for packages lost in transit. Return shipping fees are not refundable.