For Leah, NULASTIN is more than a product line—it’s a true reflection of her personality and an invention mothered by necessity. During the week, Garcia is an avid outdoorswoman exploring all the natural wonders our planet has to offer…then on weekends, she’s in front of glaring lights beaming her face on HDTB to millions of fans as a 54 year old sideline reporter for PBR (Professional Bull Riding). Matching her passion for the natural world and providing a solution to the extremes her skin endures in her various endeavors is NULASTIN.

At 28, Leah experienced partial facial paralysis and was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsey. Doctors warned her face would continue to deteriorate and the asymmetry would follow her for life. Garcia was pursuing a career in broadcast journalism; making her living in front of the camera, she began the quest to find the perfect products for her beauty regimen to help correct some of the visible side effects. Garcia began using NULASTIN at 45. Awestruck by the results she experienced, Garcia, along with Dr. Ensley, incorporated NULASTIN to bring the product to the world and give people everywhere the confident glow of healthy, youthful skin and enhanced lashes and brows.