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5 Must-Have Beauty Tips for Women 50+

5 Must-Have Beauty Tips

 for Women 50+

By NULASTIN’s founder, award-winning tv personality and former pro-athlete, Leah Garcia

Bring out your natural beauty

at age 50 & beyond

Bring out your natural 

beauty at age 50 & beyond

As time passes, many of us go for more minimal looks that celebrate what mother nature gave us. Follow these tips to enhance your natural beauty.

1. Line those eyes softly

Swap black liner for plum, khaki, smokey gray or chocolate brown. Once applied, smudge with a cotton swab or small angled brush. 

2. Quench your skin first

Moisturizing before applying makeup helps minimize lines by plumping the skin. Try our Flawless Radiant SKIN 2-Step with Elastaplex® to replenish lost elastin.

3. Lift your brows

Brushing brows upwards has an instant lifting effect. Try our LASH and BROW Dual System for up to 60% longer-looking eyelashes and up to 120% fuller-looking eyebrows in as soon as 4 weeks.

4. Add kissable shine

Matte formulas can look great, but they can also be drying. Choose satin-finish or gloss formulas to visually plump and smooth your lips.

5. Trade in your powders

Choose cream and gel-based cosmetics and keep them in place with a hydrating setting spray, which adds a finishing layer of moisture and dewiness.

Everyone deserves to feel more confident with every passing year

We’re proud to be anti-anti-aging. It’s not about looking the same as you did in your 20s. It’s about looking and feeling your best as you live your life and collect meaningful experiences. That’s what NULASTIN® is all about: Nourishing Life’s Journey. 

Our entire collection reawakens your body’s natural ability to rejuvenate skin and hair. By providing an additional source of elastin, our innovative Elastaplex® Technology helps nurture cells and restore elasticity.

The result? 

More youthful, smoother-looking skin, healthier, more voluminous hair, and fuller-looking lashes and brows.

We believe the best routines are the simplest. And with a groundbreaking formula that does double-duty to stimulate collagen synthesis and build elastin, your results get better with time. 

Create the perfect regimen to celebrate your natural beauty with NULASTIN®.

“I receive compliments on my skin and always get asked what I use to keep it balanced and looking good.

I love all your products…Thank you for making me look my best at 53!”

- Sharon A. 

In one simple step, each product offers powerful elastin replenishment right where you need it.

SKIN boosts skin’s firmness, radiance and elasticity for an eternally youthful glow.

LASH & BROW deliver length and fullness while preventing breakage for stunning lashes and brows. 

HAIR gives you the strength and volume you’ve been missing while supporting healthy new growth. Create your personalized routine now.

How to Apply Demo:

How to Apply Demo:

How to Apply Demo:

Authenticity is at the heart of everything we do. 

NULASTIN® Founder Leah Garcia is an industry-disrupting skincare entrepreneur, award-winning TV personality and former professional cyclist. With a fast-paced career that required her to stay camera-ready at all times, she was discouraged when she started to see signs of premature aging and facial asymmetry – a residual effect from Bell’s Palsy (facial paralysis) in her 20s. 

As she set out to find a skincare line that could reverse past environmental damage and prolong her youthful glow, Leah wanted something performance-based, scientifically-proven and ethically-derived. When nothing on the market fit the bill, she took matters into her own hands – knowing others wanted high-quality, trustworthy solutions as well.

The Launch of NULASTIN®

Leah collaborated with the world’s leading pioneer in microbiology to bring a transformative active cosmetic blend to market. This innovative elastin regeneration technology could improve skin elasticity and tone to restore self-confidence, boost skin and hair health, and reignite vitality from the inside out. 

Unlike other brands, the entire NULASTIN collection supports the body’s natural ability to stimulate the replenishment of elastin while defending against matrix protein damage caused by aging, stress, sun exposure, weight changes and other factors. Every product is cruelty-free and made locally in Colorado, U.S.A. to ensure freshness and maximum bioavailability.

The NULASTIN® Difference

Because Leah is so passionate about sharing this breakthrough formula, every product is backed by a 100% Performance Guarantee. That means if our product(s) don’t meet your expectations, you can exchange or return them at any time. 

Through it all, Leah’s core value is still authenticity. Her favorite quote is, “Remember where you came from,” which is brilliant advice as life’s adventure continues and your own natural beauty gets richer with every experience, joyful memory and hope for the future.

The origin of NULASTIN® comes from the fermentation of plants and creates a product that contains 100x more amino acids than many other skincare products on the market, creating the building blocks for gorgeous, renewed skin and re-energized hair follicles. 

Our entire collection works together to help you look and feel your best at any age. Bundle and save now to get more bang for your buck and keep those incredible results coming!