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“NULASTIN is rebuilding my hair from the inside out.” 
- Amanda
 “After I had my last son, I lost so much hair around my temples and my hairline. COVID also made me lose my hair again in chunks. It was really embarrassing. Since using NULASTIN, I’m seeing less breakage, I’m seeing my hair grow faster — in this period my hair has doubled in growth.”
“Huge improvement in my volume and shine!” 
- Talia
“Between the stress of work, being a mom, and environmental stress, my hair took a turn for the worse. I started noticing more clumps of hair in the shower and several bald spots when I tried to style my hair. When I started using NULASTIN, I noticed the difference quickly in my hair follicles — they felt stronger! Like anything, it took time for my hair to fully grow back.”
“No more dry spots, no more itchiness — my hair looks so luxurious” 
- Michaela
“My hair tends to dry very easily. It’s also very curly and I use heat on my hair. There are no words to describe how I felt when I looked in the mirror and realized the struggle was over. No dandruff, no more dry spots, no more itchiness, my hair looked more luxurious.”

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HAIR 2-PACK Vibrant Scalp Treatment with Elastaplex®


One-time purchase: $184 (regularly $229). 

Subscription: $156.40 first order; $194.65 recurring (regularly $229)

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