True You FaceCare Collection with Keracyte® Elastin Complex

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We love this collection! Our complete line of lash, brow and skin products enriched with KERACYTE® ELASTIN COMPLEX. Reinvent your SKIN and reverse the look of aging with exclusive elastin replenishment, proteins, peptides and antioxidants.

Accelerate the look of longer lashes and fuller brows with our LASH follicle fortifying serum and the BROW shape altering serum. Our fast acting formulas have 5 active ingredients, including a revolutionary keratin boost to nourish, hydrate and enhance your lashes and brows; delivering uncompromising results.

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LASH Follicle Fortifying Serum
BROW Shape Altering Serum
SKIN Intensive Hydrating Serum
SKIN Rejuvenating Facial Moisturizer
SKIN Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser
SKIN Refining Conditioning Toner

For men and women. All skin types.

SkinSAFE has reviewed the ingredients and found them to be FREE of Nickel, Coconut*, Top Common Allergy Causing Preservatives, Paraben, Lanolin, Topical Antibiotic, MCI/MI, and Gluten.*The cleanser has coco-derived ingredients

Patented, naturally derived, naturally sourced ingredients.

U.S. Patent No: 5,726,040; 6,451,326;

6,572,845; 6,808,707; 9,114,928

U.S. Patent Pending No: 20,110,158,924

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