Discovery science in wound healing, tissue regeneration, skin and hair care.
Determine qualitatively the effects of the Eye Lash Enhancement Serum for length and thickness.
Final results did not demonstrate a potential for eliciting derma Irritation or sensitization.
12-week Profilometry and Digital Photography Study
Electrospun Tropoelastin (Elastatropin®) and collagen bioscaffolds used for cellular delivery in full thickness wounds.
Good clinical practice quality assurance audit statement for NULASTIN formulation (DermaLastyl) and Elastotropin®.
Cosmetic compositions, recombinant hair treatment compositions, wound healing compositions and methods, including Elastotropin® and uses thereof.
Elastin + Keratin function in the control or regulation of hair growth and are important in the loss of thinking of hair and  health of the follicles.

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