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Patented + Proven = perfection

It is a sad fact of nature that, as we age, our skin loses firmness, elasticity and fullness, while our eyebrows and eyelashes thin and lose luster. It is only with the latest biomedical breakthroughs, that we now understand this is due to the discontinuation or loss of elastin production after puberty.  ELASTIN is the missing link that keeps HAIR & SKIN youthful, vibrant and beautiful.

Following years of research, the co-founder of NULASTIN® and world renowned microbiologist, Dr. Burt Ensley has identified the protein that stimulates production of elastin in the human body, and designed the process for recreating it.

Introducing NULASTIN, the only rejuvenating formula for hair and skin that contains REAL ELASTIN.  

Real science. real lashes. real brows. for real!


OUR SCIENCE IS YOUR SOLUTION. What sets NULASTIN apart from other products is science. Our fast acting, results driven topical formulations were designed by NULASTIN® co-founder Dr. Burt Ensley.  We hold 5 U.S. Patents on our active ingredients and recognition from the National Science Foundation. 

KERACYTE® ELASTIN COMPLEX features Elastatropin®, an extraordinary DNA elastin protein that rejuvenates your skin and fortifies hair follicles, helping to protect against breakage and thinning, supporting the appearance of luscious, healthy eyelashes and eyebrows.
The LASH natural conditioning serum can generate visible changes within a week. Lashes may feel more luxurious and hold mascara better. You’ll notice improved flexibility, suppleness and shine. By week 12, fall in love with your very own ultra-long, fuller looking eyelashes.
The BROW shape altering serum is truly transformational. Full eyebrows help you look younger and more awake. They are a sign of youth and vitality. Overplucking, hormonal changes and genetics have finally met their match. Our concentrated serum works great for sideburns, beards and goatees too.  

Nulastin has what others are missing

Clinically proven to help rejuvenate hair follicles through enriched elastin and keratin therapy. Increases lash density up to 120% and increases length up to 60%.

Naturally sourced and naturally derived ingredients, FREE of top common allergy causing preservatives.  NO parabens, NO Lanolin, NO Topical Antibiotics, NO MCI/MI and NO Gluten.

No other product not the market supports the restoration of elastin, making NULASTIN a game changing formula that delivers uncompromising results without the pain and hassle of other methods.

Unlike extensions, fake lashes, or microblading which is risky and tedious, NULASTIN serum takes 10 SECONDS to apply, is non-invasive and rejuvenates your natural hair follicles for thicker, longer looking, REAL lashes and brows!

Small batch formulations are hand made in the USA for freshness and quality assurance. You can be sure that when you receive NULASTIN, that it has not been tainted or soiled.

We are proud to be cruelty free by not testing any of our ingredients, formulations, or finished products on animals of any kind and we pledge not to ever do so in the future.


A message from LEAH GARCIA

nulastin® founder & CEO


I’m a ranch-raised tom-girl! I’ve had my share of broken bones, black eyes, and lacerations. I’ve survived falling off horses, getting kicked and crashing my mom’s Thunderbird into a tree. The stinger was a near fatal head-on collision as a passenger on the back of a motorcycle going 60 mph. I’m ashamed to say, I wasn’t even wearing a helmet. Then there was a career as a pro mountain bike racer … insert more scrapes and more adventure. 

At 28 years old, on a sunny afternoon, my face suddenly quit working. The doctor informed me I had a rare disorder called Bell’s Palsy (Paralysis). My symptoms were on the severe side, with a total inability to move one side of my face. Nearly a year passed before I would allow any photos to be taken. Recovery was slow. The shape, muscle tone and elasticity of my skin deteriorated and I was told the asemmetry would follow me for life.

Here I am, 55 years old with the stories and scars of a warrior. Yammering about my adolescent acne, over plucked eyebrows or thin eyelashes seems trivial. What’s important, however is that I’ve been there – done that. From skin care fiascos, allergies, product sensitivities, irritation, hyperpigmentation melasma and sun damage, I get it. 

Life led me to a career as an entrepreneur, a fitness professional, spokesperson and ultimately an on-air talent. The time had come to up my beauty game for real and I needed a solution to combat the damage I’d done over the years! That moment came in 2005 when I met my business partner, microbiologist Dr. Burt Ensley and started using his elastin-replenishment formulations. I can confidently say that this FaceCare Collection for LASH, BROW and SKIN saved my career and forever changed my life!

“Literally every facial assault I’ve experienced has been repaired and addressed with NULASTIN®.”

Leah Garcia

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