What is NULASTIN Rewards?

NULASTIN Rewards is a premium program that benefits its members with points every time they shop on All members have access to birthday points, special gifts, and exclusive offers. Members can also earn points by performing small actions, such as following the brand on social media, referring a friend and more!

Do points expire?

Yes, points will expire after 12 months of account inactivity. Account inactivity occurs when no points are earned or redeemed. Since skin, lashes, brows, and hair need continuous attention to stay healthy and vibrant, which means keeping points has never been easier!

How do I enroll in NULASTIN Rewards?

Enrollment is easy and completely free! Simply create an account to be enrolled and get 150 points. If you have an existing NULASTIN account, you receive an automatic 150 points and are set to start earning more.

I referred a friend but did not receive my $10 reward. Why?

Your friend must use your referral code to place an order of at least $128. If they have done so and you haven’t received your reward, please reach out to

What are some product ideas for my friend so we can both receive a $10 reward?

When do I see my points adjustments?

Points earned with each purchase are updated in your account once the order is shipped. Points earned from other actions, like signing up for SMS texts or social media actions will be reflected immediately in your account. Refresh if it does not update in real time. If you have additional questions about points adjustments, please contact Customer Care at

How do I get to the next NULASTIN Rewards level?

You are automatically enrolled into Bronze status. Once you spend $384 within a rolling 12-month period, you achieve Silver status. When you spend $640 within a rolling 12-month period, you achieve Gold status.

How do I stay in my current NULASTIN Rewards level?

In order to retain your current tier status, you must spend the associated tier threshold amount to stay within that tier for the rolling 12-month tier term period. For example, once you enter into the Silver tier, you need to spend an additional $384 within the 12-month period in order to stay within the Silver tier for the next 12-month tier term period.

What can I do if I have any questions about my account, status, or points?

We’re always here for you. Please contact Customer Care at and we will get it sorted out!

Can I earn points and rewards for every NULASTIN purchase?

Yes, you can with NULASTIN Rewards – a premium program that gives you points every time you shop! You also receive birthday points, special gifts, exclusive offers, and bonus points by performing small actions, such as following NULASTIN on social media, referring a friend and more.

How do I redeem my points towards my monthly subscription as a NULASTIN Subscribe & Save VIP?

If you have a Subscribe & Save subscription for any NULASTIN product, you can apply your NULASTIN Rewards points to your recurring order by simply logging in to your NULASTIN Account. You'll be able to see your available points balance and the subscription discount rewards you can redeem.


To see your points balance and redeem subscription rewards, you’ll need to:

1. Log in to your NULASTIN Account.

2. Scroll down to the Next charge section of your subscription.

3. You’ll see your available points balance, and will be able to click to select any of the rewards available to you.


Once you've selected a reward, the discount will immediately be applied to your next order charge, and you'll see your total amount updated.

On what subscription orders can I redeem my points?

You can only redeem discounts towards your nearest, upcoming subscription order. For example: If your next order will be processed on January 1, and you have scheduled orders for February 1 and March 1, you will only be able to redeem a discount on the January 1st order.

What if I have more than one subscription? How does redeeming points work? 

If you have more than 1 active subscription, you can redeem 1 discount reward per subscription. For example: If you are subscribed to LASH & BROW Dual System that is delivered every 3 months and SKIN Rejuvenating Serum that is delivered monthly, you can redeem a reward on your upcoming LASH & BROW Dual System order, and upcoming SKIN Rejuvenating Serum order. However, you cannot stack coupon discounts to your subscription orders.

Remaining points are not restored: If you select a discount that is greater than the subscription order’s total, the remaining points will not be restored to your points balance. For example: If you select a $20 for 200 points reward on a $10 order total, all 200 points will be redeemed and used towards this order.

How do I redeem my points towards a one-time (non-subscription) purchase?

Congrats on earning points! Your discount will then be automatically applied within your shopping cart at checkout.To redeem them at checkout find the dollar amount that corresponds with the points you would like to redeem and select the “Redeem” button underneath that selection.