We believe hair health starts at the root ... and radiance is skin deep.

We believe that when you take command of your hair and skin health you flourish in other ways as well. Your confidence surges and a desire to live your best life with vitality and vigor peaks while enhancing the lives of everyone around you.

Redefining Hair Care

NULASTIN® takes a personal and holistic approach to hair care that incorporates a clinically tested proprietary antioxidant blend with the world's first ethically sourced elastin renewal protein designed to rejevenate hair follicles and promote healthy, longer, stronger lashes, brows and hair — supported by 25 years of research and innovation. Activate your hair routine with Elastaplex®.

Inspired by Results. Driven to Help Others.

The Elastin Expert.

We're safe, healthy and non-toxic. Real Ingredients for Real Results.

NULASTIN uses naturally sourced and naturally derived ingredients, hand-crafted in small batches in Colorado to ensure freshness, quality and efficacy. We care about what goes on your skin which is why our formulas are free of the top common allergy-causing preservatives, and of course, we don't use parabens, lanolin, topical antibiotics, MCI/MI. We are gluten-free and safe for vegans. No scary side-affects, just results.