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5 Ways to Up Your Brow Game | NULASTIN

5 Ways to Up Your Brow Game | NULASTIN

3 min read
Nulastin® BROW Shape Altering Serum

Declare 2021 the year of self-care. Resolve to start the new year with a fresh face and a confident attitude. Are you over wearing sweats and ponytails every day of the week, and letting your unused makeup expire in the drawer? Let’s stand up, dress up, and flaunt our greatest assets! The first step on our list, is to show our brows some much needed TLC.   

But what does brow care even look like these days? Long gone are the days of over-plucked and under-appreciated eyebrows. The time has come to love and cherish your full brows! They serve to protect your eyes, and accentuate your facial expressions. Appreciate their fullness and showcase their beauty! But like anything else, brows must be maintained to show off their full potential. Here are our top 5 recommendations to up your brow game:


1. Dim The Lights

It’s easy to over pluck your brows- especially if you are two inches away from a brightly lit magnifying mirror! When cleaning up your brows, stay away from bright lights and opt for a warmer lit room instead. This will draw your attention to the thick dark outliers and will make it less likely for you to over-tweeze the light hairs. These light hairs may look messy extremely close up, but actually help to make your brows look full and healthy.

2. Fill In With Powder

If you have naturally long or wavy eyebrows (or just a thin brow), then you may have noticed the patchy look that appears when your eyebrow hairs get out of place. Try applying a matte powder (even an eyeshadow will do!) with an angled brush to fill in the space between hairs. For an extra long lasting look, use an eyebrow wax pencil first to establish a strong foundation (and to limit smearing).

3. Brush Up With A Spoolie

A little can go a long way! Never underestimate the power of a spoolie. Brush your brows with an upward stroke to instantly create the illusion of fuller brows! We recommend brushing before applying make up so that you can see the spots that need some love.


Applying Nulastin® BROW Shape Altering Serum

 4. Make Your Brows Fuller

Use a brow serum to boost the look of your natural brows. Make sure to use something that is skin-safe and naturally derived! NULASTIN’s scientifically proven BROW Shape Altering Serum is a great choice for healthy, natural, full eyebrows. It stimulates degraded hair follicles by strengthening hair-producing cells — attracting new hair-producing cells. But trust us… a little goes a LONG way! Don’t let the little bottle deceive you.

Applying Nulastin® BROW Shape Altering Serum with Real Results

5. Highlight With Foundation

Accentuate the curve of your brows by highlighting them with foundation. Using a small angled brush, apply your normal foundation in a thin line just under the curve of your brow. Blend it in to create a natural highlight to the curve of your brows. This will accentuate the natural curve of your brows and add definition.

Inspired yet? Get to work! Let 2021 be YOUR year. The year of self care. After the whirlwind that was 2020, you know you deserve it. Try out these 5 tips and let us know which work the best for YOU. And if you have your own tips, please send them our way! We are always looking for new and improved ways to accentuate our brows.

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