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Elastin is the most effective ingredient you’ll ever use on your skin, lashes, and brows.

Elastin is a protein that allows skin to stretch and recoil back. It is integral for nurturing cells that produce hair follicles. Elastin is synonymous with YOUTH. Or as I like to call it, beautiful, wrinkle-free, silky dreaminess.


Our bodies produce elastin as we begin developing in the womb through early childhood. As we mature, we produce less and less new elastin which eventually begins to break down. While this occurs, our bodies also slow the production of supporting extracellular matrix proteins like collagen, laminin, and keratin. This insufficiency causes our skin to experience more wrinkles, become more susceptible to damage and require more time to heal. This has negative consequences for hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows.


If a new source of elastin is introduced to the skin, then wrinkles and signs of aging would be reversed. Skin would renew itself with minimum investment. Following years of research, NULASTIN® did just that! The brand identified the protein that stimulates the production of elastin in cosmetics and designed the formula for it. This source is tropoelastin, the precursor to human elastin. The novel protein has an innate ability to permeate the outer layer of the skin and move freely within the skin’s structure.


Using a complex chain of 786 amino acids in a molecular delivery system, NULASTIN’s ® groundbreaking elastin formula has the ability to restore elastic properties to the skin. Here’s how it works: The amino acids enable the chain and tropoelastin to penetrate the deepest parts of the topmost layer of skin. Next, it enters into the outer skin layers, moving into the first active layer [the epidermis] converting into elastin. It then integrates itself into the skin matrix cross-linking with existing elastin and other proteins. This process, shown in the drawing, expands the flexible backbone of the skin. What we get out of this is the reduced appearance of existing wrinkles and the benefit of preventing new ones from forming. Essentially, it’s like turning the clock backward and diminishing the signs of aging.

NULASTIN® is a pioneer in the field of DNA designed formulations.

Renowned for identifying proteins based on human genetic sequences used in wound care, regenerative medicine and skincare NULASTIN ® has been at the forefront of personal care formulations. Not only did the brand incorporate the aforementioned human elastin protein, they then layered the idea by using the same genetic technology for human keratin. When you look specifically at the cosmetic industry, this blend is one of the biggest breakthroughs in recent history. For the first time ever, there is an ethical, bioavailable source of elastin and keratin.


By using fermentation and recombinant DNA technology, as opposed to the connective tissue of animals (or botanical versions that are not bioavailable), the body recognizes the proteins and knows what to do with them. The cruelty-free process takes genes and synthesizes them de novo before cloning them into production organisms. The recombinant cultures are grown in a contract fermentation facility and the human proteins are purified from the resulting biomass. The entire manufacturing process, from design to the genes to purification of the extracellular matrix proteins (ECMs) is what sets NULASTIN ® apart.


Because of the real elastin and real keratin proteins, NULASTIN® for SKIN, LASHES and BROWS is the real deal. The proteins offer a better-performing, biocompatible, growth-promoting alternative.



  • NULASTIN® is more bio-available, which means it can easily be absorbed and used by the body. 
  • Tropoelastin is extremely compatible with human skin and integrates into the extracellular matrix. 
  • These elastin and keratin proteins are not allergenic – because of their source, they are natural and identical to the human material. 
  • Both dermatology research and clinical trials support the effectiveness of NULASTIN® as a vehicle to safe and healthy skin, lash and brow rejuvenation.



In collaboration with dermatologists at Thomas Jefferson University, NULASTIN® has been studied for its ability to penetrate living human skin. The findings were remarkable!



  • NULASTIN® can penetrate living skin within 24 hours. 
  • When applied to the epidermis of human skin, absorption of the tropoelastin molecule occurred for 24 hours following application. 
  • When skin was stained and studied under a microscope following application, tropoelastin could be seen penetrating into the epidermis.


It’s not uncommon to read online articles that question elastin’s effectiveness as an ingredient.


This is not fake news. Unlike NULASTIN®, products that claim results using elastin sources like neck ligaments, aortas of cows and dead birds can’t affect YOUR skin’s own elasticity. Period. A girlfriend was chatting with me the other day and said, “I don’t believe in faith-based products.” I paused before I realized what she was saying. She doesn’t believe in products when she has to HOPE they work. 


Neither do I.

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