As a former TV host, NULASTIN Founder and CEO Leah Garcia knows the importance of keeping her skin looking amazing and all the tips and tricks for creating a natural, TV-ready look. Now, as an athlete and business owner, she prides herself on knowing that a few swipes of mascara can go a long way in creating a beautiful, natural look that lets your confidence shine. So what are her five favorite products? We’re so glad you asked. 

1. Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

“I love that fresh, clean feeling and this is such a perfect pick-me-up for the skin. In a single step, it helps depuff tired eyes, soothes irritation and removes impurities while preserving your skin’s natural barrier. I think of it as the first step in my self-care routine because it’s how I start and end my day. It’s the one thing I can’t miss. It works beautifully with a soft cloth, skin brush or even just your fingertips.” 

2. Rejuvenating Facial Moisturizer

“The Rejuvenating Facial SKIN Moisturizer is my not-so-secret weapon for youthful, glowing skin. I’ve seen a world of difference since I started using it and no longer feel like I need much coverage because I’m proud of my skin! I just put two or three pumps on in the morning and before I go to bed. During the day, it’s the perfect canvas for the rest of my routine and works while I sleep to give me smoother, more even skin that feels healthy and hydrated.”

3. Intensive Hydrating Serum 

“Any gorgeous makeup look begins with proper skincare and this serum is packed with moisturizing and radiance-boosting ingredients I need to feel my best — even when I’m traveling a lot and my schedule is hectic! I’ve tried so many products, but this one gives me noticeable results with hardly any effort. I just dot it on and it targets lines and dark spots while guaranteeing lots of compliments on my complexion. I absolutely love it!”

4. Eyeliner Pencil 

“People always ask what my holy grail makeup product is and I can never choose between eyeliner and mascara. I like the look of liquid eyeliner, too, but I’ve always been a pencil girl because it’s soft and so customizable whether you want sharp, clean edges or a sultry, diffused finish. I always keep eyeliner in my bag for a quick, five-minute face or touch-ups on the go. My signature look is a smokey, soft glam eye with a warm, reddish brown pencil. I just swipe it on and smudge it out until it looks well-blended and natural.”

5. Mascara 

“The instant gratification that comes with a good mascara is undeniable. It opens up my eyes, makes me look like I had a great night’s sleep and helps me look perfectly polished in no time. My favorite mascara in the world was by Kenneth Cole and it was just recently taken off the shelf. Now I use Dior because they always get it right. I tend to reach for classy, timeless brands instead of loud and in-your-face. It’s about your natural beauty coming forward and looking like the best version of yourself. Once my eyes are done, sometimes I’ll accentuate my brows with a little pencil or add a pop of elevated neutral color to enhance my lips.”

At the end of the day, Leah knows looking fabulous begins with thoughtful self-care and using the right products to give her skin exactly what it needs. From there, she encourages everyone to do whatever makes them feel most beautiful, whether that’s a bold, show-stopping look or a barely there touch of color. You don’t need a lot of products, but choosing the right mix helps you get the most of your routine. Explore products from Nulastin now to find your own favorites.

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