Biotin: Extremely Beneficial or Completely Useless? Here’s Your Answer

We’ve all seen many variations of “growth” and “support” vitamins for hair and skin — promoting healthier, stronger hair and skin. Biotin has long been touted as an “essential” ingredient in many of these supportive supplements. But do these miracle vitamins even work? The actual science behind these supplements, biotin specifically, sheds light on biotin’s effectiveness.

The Truth About Biotin

Long story short: unless you’re actually deficient in biotin (which is rare), there's no reason to believe you will benefit from taking extra. There has been actual research showing that people deficient in biotin can improve their hair and skin health by taking a biotin supplement. But because biotin is found in so many foods, a biotin-centered supplement will typically just be a waste of money for people not deficient in biotin. Bananas, nuts, whole grains, eggs — they all can help you reach your daily recommended biotin level (30 micrograms a day). For example, just one egg contains 10 micrograms of biotin. And one serving of walnuts contains 9.5 micrograms of biotin per serving. Just one egg and one serving of walnuts will get you two-thirds of the way to your daily goal. So unless your diet is extremely poor, chances are you’re getting enough biotin from your daily meals.

A Better Alternative

The truth about biotin supplements is rather disappointing. But we’ve discovered an essential structural protein for hair and skin that has been proven to aid in the health of your hair and skin: elastin. Providing an external source of elastin could help visibly reduce ongoing hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. Think lashes, brows, and even the hair on your head. But elastin is essential for skin health as well. As we age, we start to lose more and more elastin every year — resulting in a diminished ability of your skin to stretch and snap back to its original form. Our serums featuring Elastaplex™ Technology helps restore elastic properties to the skin and nurture cells that produce hair follicles. While you may be bummed about your biotin, we’re extremely confident you’ll be satisfied with the results you’ll experience using our LASH, BROW, HAIR, and SKIN products.

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