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Can Castor Oil Regrow Your Hair? Finally, a Straight Answer | NULASTIN

Can Castor Oil Regrow Your Hair? Finally, a Straight Answer | NULASTIN

2 min read
Can Castor Oil Regrow Your Hair? Finally, a Straight Answer | NULASTIN

We’ve all heard about castor oil and the incredible spectrum of benefits that it supposedly offers. A remedy for arthritis, a cure for acne, a remover of wrinkles, a grower of hair. It truly sounds like a miracle oil. But if you’re like us, you’re asking yourself: “Is this too good to be true?” Below, we’ll dive into what exactly castor oil is, the truth about its effectiveness, and alternative options you can use.

What is Castor Oil?

A vegetable oil pressed from castor beans, castor oil is mostly ricinoleic acid — a fatty acid that makes up 90% of the oil. Historically, castor oil has been most commonly used as a laxative, but the oil’s natural antimicrobial properties have made it popular in the beauty industry as a skin treatment. Due to its high fatty acid content, castor oil is a wonderful hydrating agent. When applied topically, castor oil has been proven to penetrate the skin — softening and moisturizing the skin for a more youthful glow. When applied to hair, castor oil can help tame frizz, give your hair that shiny, lustrous look, and help prevent future damage by hydrating the hair shaft.

The Truth About Castor Oil

It’s been proven that castor oil can be a super-effective hydrating agent for the hair and skin. But there’s one question still left unanswered: “Can castor oil grow hair?” The short answer — no. Although you’ll find article after article online swearing by its incredible ability to grow hair, the science just isn’t there. If you dig deeper, you’ll find that testimonials for hair growth are anecdotal. You’ll find influencers on YouTube and blogs touting castor oil for its hair growing ability, but it’s simply a myth that castor oil will actually grow your hair. In fact, castor oil can actually be damaging for some people. Use caution when first applying castor oil, as some people can be allergic to it. Inflammation can occur on the scalp, and you can end up doing more damage than good to the scalp.

So...What Does Work?

When it comes to softening the skin and improving your hair’s luster, castor oil can be a good option. For hair growth? Not so much. Hair loss is frustrating, and the amount of money wasted on products on hair loss solutions backed by zero scientific evidence is staggering. That’s why we only recommend products backed by proven results. The NULASTIN® HAIR Vibrant Scalp Treatment with Elastaplex™ Technology is an advanced hair treatment formulated to nourish and rejuvenate the scalp. When used twice daily as directed, the HAIR Vibrant Scalp Treatment helps promote noticeably longer, visibly fuller hair and improves the appearance of bald spots. In a 16-week clinical evaluation, 90% of participants experienced noticeable improvement of hair growth and 80% saw their thinning and bald spots diminish. Don’t waste your money on gimmicky hair growth serums you stumble across online. Experience transformative results using a clinically proven serum.

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