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Hair Loss Awareness Month: Let’s Grow Stronger Together

Hair Loss Awareness Month: Let’s Grow Stronger Together

3 min read
Hair Loss Awareness Month: Let’s Grow Stronger Together
In honor of Hair Loss Awareness Month, NULASTIN® Founder Leah Garcia opens up about her own journey with stress-related hair loss.

In honor of Hair Loss Awareness Month, NULASTIN®  Founder Leah Garcia opens up about her own journey with stress-related hair loss and how it led her to bring our groundbreaking hair serum to market through the NULASTIN brand – now trusted by thousands who have seen unbelievable results of their own.

Normalizing Hair Loss

Hair loss affects an estimated 80 million people in the U.S. alone but because most people try to hide it, the issue isn’t discussed as often as it should be. That’s why we’re coming together this month to talk about some of the most common causes of hair loss. 

Leah points out that one of the biggest offenders is stress, but it’s a vicious cycle because seeing your hair thin out is stressful.

The Roots of NULASTIN

Before securing investment funding back in 2016, Leah was living simply in her airstream trailer, enjoying the great outdoors, and funding her own endeavors. Even though the landscape was gorgeous, it was a high-pressure time in her life with even higher stakes. 

In her video, she reminisces about the time she spent traveling, showing us where she ate, slept, worked, and tested product formulations. But with so much uncertainty and stress, she remembers losing her hair in chunks, pulling out handfuls when she would wash her hair in the shower. 

This was happening when she was working in television as a sideline reporter, so she did everything she could to disguise the thinning – from avoiding certain camera angles to changing her part and hiding bald areas with clips and accessories.

“I never told anyone about it. I lived with that personal anguish.”

This struggle fueled her passion on a deeper level, driving her to fast track the NULASTIN HAIR Vibrant Scalp Treatment. The technology had already been in development for more than 30 years but it was important to her to perfect the formula and get the product out into the marketplace where it could help others.

Realizing Beautiful Results

When it was officially released, Leah started using the serum twice a day, morning and night. She loved watching her part get smaller and smaller as her hair filled in. She could see new growth, thickening, and her hair just didn’t fall out anymore.

She says results took time and patience but were well worth the wait. Now, years later, her hair is healthier, thicker and fuller with no bald spots in sight.

“I’m very grateful that I’ve found a solution that works for me.”

In addition to the right products, Leah credits her hair’s beauty and longevity to minimizing stress in her life. She loves spending quality time with friends and getting plenty of exercise. She’s a firm believer in play, laughter and treating yourself, whatever that may look like. 

“Isolating yourself is not the solution. And hiding the problem is not the solution. We’re here at NULASTIN to support you, encourage you on your journey and to offer solutions.”

See fuller, healthier looking hair, lashes & brows in just a few weeks.

NULASTIN® is the only hair enhancement product that supports the body’s ability to anchor the hair follicle “bulb” to the elastin root system, delivering stronger, shinier, fuller looking hair in as soon as 8 weeks; individual results vary. 

Try it risk-free and see what it feels like to cheat Mother Nature and restore your hair to its natural glory.

Stay tuned for more this month, and shop our entire elastin replenishment collection for gorgeous natural results that stand the test of time.

Restore & Nourish Natural Beauty




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