Your HAIR Results at Week 3

Your Results at Week 3

Have you been taking your weekly progress photos? You’re about a quarter of the way to full results, and your root system is getting stronger by the day.

Insights from Our Experts

Progress is first seen in subtle ways. Hear from our experts about the cues they look for when monitoring progress with our HAIR Vibrant Scalp Treatment.

A note from Amy, Director of Customer Concierge

“We have had so many customers experience wonderful results, and we are confident you will as well. Seeing scalp results is an interesting process as the hair growth cycle is complex and timely. There are two major indicators that show the serum is working: 

  • Look for tiny, wispy hairs resembling “flyaways”. 
  • Next, pay attention to how much hair you are losing after showering, combing/brushing and everyday life.

Stick with it; changes are happening, and we just know your results are underway!”


A Tip from Leah, Founder & CEO

Want to hyperdrive results? Use a scalp scrubber twice daily to invigorate the scalp and bring blood flow to the surface. You can also apply the serum directly to the scrubber for even faster application – no need to rinse your hands!

Week 3: Your Questions Answered

What if my hair starts falling out after using your product?

Hair grows in stages, so shedding is natural. 

  • The 1st stage (anagen): When your hair grows a little every day (30-45 days for lashes/brows and 2-6 years for the scalp). 
  • The 2nd stage (catagen): The transition or regression phase — when your hair follicles shrink, allowing the strands to extend toward the surface (2-3 weeks). 
  • The 3rd stage (telogen): The resting phase. Your hair bulb is inactive, and the hairs eventually fall out (Around 100 days). 
  • The 4th stage (late telogen or exogen): Reassembly. This is where new follicles are formed. Think of it as the re-awakening process before the hair starts back into the growth phase. 

For example, if the majority of your lashes, brows, or hair are in the third stage when you start using NULASTIN®, it’s normal that the hair will naturally fall out. Frankly, we get a little giddy over the prospect. Why? It means visible change is coming! Rest assured that once you see the healthier hair coming in, you’ll be thrilled. 

If, for some reason, the problem persists and you do not experience the natural growth phase, or you are experiencing unusual shedding and/or the loss of hair all at once, please stop using the product and consult with your doctor.


Why is elastin important? What’s the urgency?

As we age, our body's ability to produce structural proteins like elastin decreases. In fact, by the time we reach early adulthood, the amount of elastin in our body is intended to last a lifetime. However, several factors, including stress, sun exposure, tobacco use, weight changes, harsh environmental conditions, and aging, can accelerate the loss of elastin. 

As hormonal changes take place around the age of 35, the body faces elastin loss, which leads to effects like thinning hair and an inability to regenerate certain tissues.

By supporting the body’s natural ability to stimulate the replenishment of elastin, we can delay the look of aging and hair loss to help customers look and feel their best at any age.


Do I have to keep using the product forever?

Using NULASTIN consistently provides a continuous opportunity to improve your hair. The good news is that you can decrease usage after you’ve achieved your desired look. If you discontinue use altogether, your hair will gradually revert back to its original appearance. 

You can apply the serum twice daily (morning and night) until you reach a point of satisfaction. Then, you can choose to decrease application to once per day, three or four times per week. When you want to increase your results again, simply go back to using twice per day.


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