Your LASH Results at Week 5

Your Results at Week 5

Hurray! You’re just one week away from your first major milestone. Around six weeks, your results start to become more noticeable. This is a good time to check your before photos and take some updated progress shots for comparison. Remember, as good as your lashes look now, your results will double by week 12. So, keep going gorgeous!

Top Foods to Fuel Lash Growth

Proper nutrition promotes hair health from the inside out, and that includes your lashes. Adding some of these hair-healthy foods to your daily diet is an easy way to promote lash growth and shine.

Loaded with vitamin E and antioxidants to combat oxidative damage, avocados are superfoods for lashes. Their fatty acids support quicker and more resilient hair growth!
Incorporating a variety of nuts into your everyday meals provides vitamin E, fatty acids, and amino acids essential for maintaining lash health. Specifically, l-arginine is known to counteract hair thinning and baldness. 
Eggs (or Hemp Seeds)
However you like to incorporate them into meals, eggs or vegan-friendly hemp seeds are a fantastic choice for hair growth. This is because our hair and lashes largely consist of proteins, so power up with protein-rich foods! 
Disclaimer: Suggestions are for illustration purposes only and may not be suitable for everyone. Consider your individual dietary needs and consult your doctor with questions before making any lifestyle changes.

Week 5: Your Questions Answered

How do I skip a delivery or change the date of an upcoming order?

Within your account, click “Manage Your Subscriptions”. Toward the top of the screen, you will see your next order date. Simply hit “Change Date” to select your preferred order date. 
This will also change the order date for all future orders according to the frequency of your subscription, so your next order will process on the date selected.
To skip a delivery, click “Skip Order”. If you need help at any time, our team can assist you. 

Is there a trick to make the product last longer?

Don’t double dip and over-pump! All NULASTIN formulas are maximized for potency at the recommended dose. 
Once you pull the applicator out, you will not need to re-dip. Each unique brush holds an adequate amount of formula for both eyes.

Can NULASTIN change eye color?

This is an excellent question. When used as directed, our product should not come into contact with your eyes and should not affect the color of your eyes. The formula has been thoroughly tested and evaluated for ophthalmic safety. The results revealed that there is no potential for irritation to the eyelid or cornea.

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