Three Female-Founded Brands Tackle REAL Conversations In Celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month

Ever wonder how to prevent vaginal dryness and other conditions caused by menopause? How about the right age to invest in elastin replenishment? Well, you’re in luck. On International Women’s Day, March 8th, NULASTIN®—the undisputed leader in helping people live vibrantly through elastin replenishment— partnered with fellow female-founded industry innovator, Ina Labs (you might know them as the name behind your favorite intimate-care and wellness products) to give a look behind the curtain with a no-BS conversation entitled ‘Real Talk. Real Women. Uncensored’.

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Sharing a like-minded mission of promoting wellness and empowerment for women, the conversation dug deep, sharing the unique perspectives and personal anecdotes of the powerhouse panelists in addition to touching on hormonal changes and management, menopause, finding balance and SO much more. One of our favorite takeaways? “You don’t have to wait for a problem to use our products,” this proactive self-care wisdom quoted by Susan Goldsberry, a co-founder & CEO of Ina Labs. 

Bringing a different lens to the conversation was Alloy co-founder, Anne Fulenwider who shared experiences from her past lives as Editor in Chief at Marie Claire magazine, and regular appearances on Project Runway.  “If we’re lucky enough to live long enough, we will experience menopause.” Ann Fulenwider hit the nail on the head with her statement, positioning menopause in a positive and powerful spotlight.

Stemming from a passion for partnering with inspiring female-founded brands, Garcia, the award-winning TV host and former pro athlete, has already become a super fan of Ina’s women-focused self-care solutions, as they compliment NULASTIN®’s science-backed and performance-based products. Having founded NULASTIN® after seeing limited solutions to treat her deteriorating muscle tone and skin elasticity after suffering facial paralysis, she immediately resonated with Ina’s mission to normalize the conversations around the things that impact all women but rarely are discussed in the mainstream.

Long story short? “By talking about these issues, we advance the opportunity for women to feel okay and become more vocal about their struggles,” said Garcia. 


Susan Goldsberry echoed the sentiment. "We are excited to normalize the conversation and offer solutions around common, intimate care concerns for all women."


While addressing inquiries from combined communities, the ‘Unfiltered’ conversation on March 8th also included thought leadership on skin concerns, aging, hair loss, menopause, impacts of stress and hormonal imbalance, and more.

Want to learn more? Be sure to visit NULASTIN® on Instagram for a full recap of the event, and follow up conversations in addition to the video below. As Garcia put it, “This isn’t a once a year kind of conversation. It’s what we live and breathe as women, individuals, and how we fuel our brands.”

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