As beautiful as you are, you don’t need makeup to look and feel your best. You can thank mother nature for that! Shine from the inside out by showing yourself some love in the self-care department. These relaxing rituals offer long-term results to help you look amazing and feel like a natural goddess every morning, so you can face the day with confidence.


1. Keep skin & lips smooth

Greet the day with a bright, silky-smooth complexion with no flakes in sight. The key is to start your skincare routine with exfoliation to remove pore-clogging dead skin cells, dirt and debris that can cause dullness, dryness and exacerbate concerns like fine lines and bumpy texture. While some exfoliants can be harsh, our Gentle Exfoliating SKIN Cleanser is mild enough for daily use. It’s made with caffeine, which is a natural anti-inflammatory perfect for calming puffiness and creating a tightening effect. And yes – you can also use it on your lips! Just add a little bit to a clean washcloth and use small circular motions to slough off flakes and bring a rosy glow to your lips. Follow it with your normal elastin replenishment skincare routine and a swipe of Natural LIP Balm for subtle, peppermint-plumping and intense hydration that lasts.


2. Let your smile shine

Smiles are like built-in makeup – happiness is always beautiful. Researchers note that smiling expressions not only look inviting, but they can actually release endorphins that make you feel better. Studies have also shown that white teeth make people seem more attractive. Why? Because pearly whites signify optimum health and good genes. To keep your smile looking radiant, use an at-home whitening treatment or talk to your dentist about in-office whitening options. One of our staff favorites for at-home whitening is the Co. by Colgate SuperNova system because it’s gentle on sensitive teeth, takes only 10 minutes a day and comes with a handy, refillable whitening pen and rechargeable LED light for future treatments.


3. Add some oomph to your lashes

Looking to leave extensions behind and skip the mascara? Get the ultimate “I woke up like this” lashes with our LASH Follicle Fortifying Serum with Elastaplex®. It works by replenishing elastin to stimulate degraded hair follicles and strengthen hair-producing cells. In six weeks or less, many customers notice longer, fuller-looking lashes. You can expect to see the full effect after only 12 weeks. Naturally lush lashes will enhance your eye shape for that well-rested, youthful doe-eyed look. We’ve heard from our loyalists that they’ve tossed their lash primers and given up on falsies because they just don’t need them anymore. We recommend keeping your eyelash curler though – it makes your newly bold lashes POP. Bonus points for warming up your curler between your palms or knees first for longer-lasting lift. Moving slowly, crimp three times from base to tip. Voila! 


4. Enhance & tame those brows

It’s true that brows can become sparse over time, but hope isn’t lost! Eyebrows do wonders for framing your face, adding contrast and polish, and giving you a youthful look at any age. Our BROW Shape Altering Serum with Elastaplex® creates more shapely brows in just seconds a day. It protects against visible thinning and is clinically proven to deliver up to 120% fuller-looking eyebrows in 12 weeks or less. Once you’ve reached your dream brow goals, all you have to do is keep those babies in place. Brush them upward with a clean spoolie brush for an instant lifting effect and keep them in place with a clear brow gel. Our team of insiders likes the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel for its strong hold (not sticky!) and soft finish.


5. Keep your hair in tip-top shape

Who needs a full face of makeup when their hair looks like something out of a magazine spread? The two key elements for stunning hair are vibrance and fullness. Even without color, added shine gives hair a smoother, younger look. The best way to get that glass-like finish is with a glossing treatment, like the Pureology Color Fanatic Top Coat + Clear Hair Gloss. It doesn’t deposit color onto the hair, but it gives a beautiful, reflective finish and is made with natural, nourishing ingredients. For thicker, fuller hair, we always recommend our clinically-proven HAIR Vibrant Scalp Treatment. Over 16 weeks, 80% noticed significant improvement in the appearance of thinning and bald spots and results get even better with continued use!


Add these tips to your arsenal for big impact with minimal time spent. You’ll look incredible and feel even better when you skip the makeup brushes and let your natural beauty radiate for miles. 


Our entire collection supports the body’s natural ability to stimulate the replenishment of elastin while defending against matrix protein damage caused by aging, stress, sun exposure, weight changes and other factors. You can try NULASTIN risk-free because every one of our products is backed by a 100% Performance Guarantee. If our product(s) do not perform to your expectations, you can exchange or return them at any time [Terms and Conditions Apply].