We pay a lot of attention to our hair, but usually it’s more about the shaft than the scalp. Why? Because the hair shaft gets all the glory in beauty marketing (and because styling is fun!). But regardless of what you put in your hair, the scalp is actually the root of good hair health, so it shouldn’t be forgotten. 

Why is scalp health so important?

The scalp acts as the connection between internal health and external beauty. We like to think of it this way: Scalp health is to hairstyles what skin health is to makeup looks. It lays the foundation for youthfulness, radiance and polish, so you always look naturally beautiful and refreshed, regardless of what color or style you’re rocking.

Let’s talk a little bit about why scalp health is so important, look at some ways to keep it soothed and nourished with the right routine, and how our groundbreaking serum can support your hair goals.

Just like your face, your scalp is covered in skin and needs regular TLC. The key difference with the skin on your scalp is that its condition has a direct impact on the quality of your hair follicles and the look of your hair. Our Chief Science Officer, Dr Felipe Jimenez, says it best: 

“Much like trees, healthy, resilient hair relies on having a strong root system for the follicle. Trees are able to bend in strong winds and withstand environmental stressors. In the same way, strong hair stands up well to brushing and washing without falling out. Having a strong root system helps defend against excess shedding to keep the hair you have in place while supporting new growth.”

What are the basics of proper scalp care?

Since your scalp needs skin care, too, many of the same steps apply. Cleansing, hydrating, exfoliation and targeted treatments all play an important role. Often though, the battle is lost during bad habits like overusing dry shampoo, which can cause dryness and irritation, too-tight styles that can put unnecessary tension on the roots, and frequent styling with hot tools and harsh products. To boost hair health fast, it’s better to streamline your routine by eliminating any extras, focusing on simplicity and sticking to the basic steps. 

1. Cleansing

Despite all the buzz around ditching shampoo in recent years, dermatologists agree that it’s an important step. While there’s no hard and fast rule about how often to wash (it largely depends on hair type), most people see good results from cleansing two to three times a week. 

Going too long between wash days can create the right environment for buildup and bacteria that can lead to other issues and exacerbate issues like flakes and thinning.

2. Hydrating

Scalp hydration is important, but think twice before slathering conditioner onto your roots since this can weigh your hair down and make it look greasy faster. Instead, keep your shower water lukewarm and consider adding a nourishing oil to your routine as a weekly pre-wash step. Rosemary oil is having a moment for its scalp energizing benefits and it can make your DIY scalp massages even more invigorating. 

We particularly love recommending regular scalp massages because taking a few minutes to slow down and touch your head creates an awareness of how much tension is stored in the muscles. Plus, the soothing motions can help boost circulation and trigger the release of endorphins. What’s not to love? You can use your hands or a gentle, textured scalp massager.

3. Exfoliation

Have you ever thought of exfoliating your scalp? In the same way it helps slough off the dead skin cells on our face, it can help keep the scalp flake-free, remove stubborn buildup, and allow your natural oils to do their job. Consider exfoliating your scalp once every week or two before you wash. 

You can even combine this with the hydrating step for deeper moisture penetration. Use an exfoliating brush or a physical scrub (look for natural ingredients like salt) and move in gentle circular motions to combat dandruff and create a clean canvas for the week. 

Note: Be careful if you have psoriasis as vigorous rubbing, scrubbing or scratching your scalp can be irritating and cause further inflammation. Check with your derm before introducing an exfoliation step into your routine.

4. Targeted Treatments

You know that elastin is the protein that gives strength to your hair and anchors the shaft to the root system. But did you know that as it depletes over time, introducing a new source can help reverse the visible effects of aging, like dull, weak, thinning hair?

Our HAIR Vibrant Scalp Serum targets elastin replenishment to strengthen your root system, preventing premature hair loss. The result is stronger, shinier, fuller-looking hair in as little as 8 weeks (full results in 16+).

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The key takeaway? Give your scalp the love it deserves! Because a healthy scalp means stronger, healthier, more beautiful hair. You don’t have to go crazy with a multi-step, complex routine. Incorporating basic steps like cleansing, hydrating, exfoliating and treating go a long way to help build a stronger root system and maximize your results with our HAIR Vibrant Scalp Treatment.

With a simple but powerful routine, you’ll be crushing your hair goals just in time for the holiday season. Get ready to turn heads with your bombshell look and your renewed confidence. Try NULASTIN risk-free now to restore your hair to its natural glory in just seconds a day.

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