Beautiful, lustrous lashes are the most coveted feature under the sun. They make us feel beautiful with or without makeup. That’s why we’ve invested so much into creating a product that actually supports the body’s ability to grow healthy lashes. 

Our proven LASH Follicle Fortifying Serum with Elastaplex® Technology works to provide healthier, more luxurious-looking lashes at any age. So while you’re watching your lashes grow to greater lengths, here’s how a few small changes in your makeup routine can make them look fuller, thicker and 100% sexier. 

Focus on lash health

Eating well, sticking with your serum and gently removing your makeup every evening may sound basic, but those are the things that keep lashes healthy. Healthy lashes look more lustrous and hold makeup better, so stay consistent with the essential steps.

Add some gentle curl

To make your natural lashes pop and give the illusion of sky-high lashes, invest in a really good eyelash curler. Curled lashes open up the eyes and create a gorgeous widening effect. The key is to curl gently before you apply mascara and to start at the base of the lashes, curling about three times over the length of your lashes from root to tip. This gives you a soft, rounded curl instead of a harsh crimp. For added staying power, warm your curler slightly with a quick blast of the blow dryer before curling. 

Prefer a more minimalist approach? Our Founder and CEO Leah Garcia skips the curler altogether. Instead, she applies a light coat of mascara and while it’s still wet, she uses her fingers to curl her lashes up, holding the position for about a minute. It creates a soft, natural looking curl. Plus, it’s more convenient and less risky without the curler. Try it for yourself and see the difference! 

Use liner strategically

Even if you prefer a bare, fresh-faced look, a little eyeliner is your best friend when it comes to making your lash line look impossibly lush. The “tightlining” technique is perfect for that. Before applying mascara, lift your top lashes and apply a long-wearing pencil in your favorite shade only to the waterline (the area under the base of your lashes). Another fun trick is to use a light colored peach or beige pencil on your lower waterline to add contrast and give the illusion of darker lashes.

Add a little powder

After curling your lashes, and before applying primer or mascara, dust some translucent powder onto your lashes. For more precision, you can also use a cotton swab adding powder. The powder will stick to your lashes and create a thickening effect when you apply your mascara. Va-va-voom!

Prime for impact

Mascara primers are definitely helpful for boosting the volume and adding thickness. Choose a conditioning formula to help avoid clumping and improve the staying power of your mascara. Let your primer dry for about 30 seconds before layering on mascara. This will keep the color from diluting and maximize the volumizing effect. Perfection.

Double up on mascara

If you want full volume, don’t stop at just one coat! Two coats of mascara is the sweet spot for enhancing your lashes. You can always add more, but adding a second coat while the first one is still wet is the best way to get that plush, doe-eyed look. 

Rethink your technique

The best way to put that mascara on? First, apply from root to tip. Then add your second coat at the very tip of your lashes, working your way back down to the root. For the most impact, look for a formula with a thin, fine-toothed wand to reach any short lashes and bring them out of hiding. A lot of people also forget to apply mascara to the tops of their lashes. Remember to get them from all angles for the biggest transformation. 

Keep spoolies on hand 

Having clean spoolie brushes handy is always a good idea. They’re perfect for smoothing, separating and targeting any clumps between coats of mascara for a flawless, fanned-out lash look.

Go ahead, wing it

Winged liner visually extends your lash line, giving the illusion of more lashes. It doesn’t have to be bold, either. A light “flick” at the end with a small liner brush and some dark eyeshadow can give you this effect in a way that’s subtly smoky, naturally pretty and wearable for everyday looks.

In a 12-week clinical evaluation, participants experienced up to 60% longer, fuller eyelashes with LASH Follicle Fortifying Serum


Try these tips for dramatic volume and length without fussing with falsies or extensions, and share your progress when you try our lash serum. We can’t wait to see your gorgeous results!

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