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10 Makeup Tips for the Holidays

10 Makeup Tips for the Holidays

3 min read
Beautiful blonde woman on holiday background smiling off camera
10 top tips for making up your face. Because you don’t have to be a makeup artist to get beautiful results for the holidays.

Here comes the holidays. To seriously shine, the right makeup touches can make clear, healthy skin look extraordinary. They say about painting a room, preparation is key. The same applies to makeup!
Very few of us have the skills of an LA makeup artist. The good news is that we all have the same tools and principals within reach. Take a deep breath, and read our 10 simple tips:

1. The night before

Remove any makeup or dirt before you go to bed AND get a good night’s sleep. 
Clean and moisturize your face and eye area before any application.

 2. Begin with a clean canvas

Wash with quality products for your skin type. Gentle exfoliation helps slough off dead skin that causes dullness, leaving you soft and smooth.

3. Start with a drink – or two

We mean H2O. Hydration is your best friend, especially with dry winter weather. Moisturizing after cleansing minimizes lines and plumps up the skin. Drink plenty of water, too!

4. A proper foundation           

Younger skin can get away with more coverage and contouring to achieve specific looks. Mature skin should avoid full-coverage foundation and simply even things out. Drier skin benefits from a foundation that traps hydration. Think dewy, sheer formulas or BB cream. 50+? Skip powder that can create a chalky look.

5. Conceal with a light touch

Start with a good concealer brush and dab dark spots and blemishes gently. For dark circles, concentrate on the inner corner next to your nose to avoid an unnatural look.

6. Lash out

Curl your lashes first, starting at the base. Repeat at mid-lash and the very tip for a natural-looking curl. Next, apply a  single coat of mascara to thicken them without adding too much weight. For more drama, add another coat. 

7. The eyes really do have it

Again, younger means you can play with shinier shadows, serious contouring, and winged liner. Unfortunately, shimmer accentuates fine lines.A softly lined lid and shimmer-free muted shades are a better look when you’re 50+

8. Spotlight on brows

Brows are the star these days. If yours are sparse, there are ways to get thicker looking brows. Brush brows upward for an instant lifting effect. Keep hairs in place with clear gel. For more definition, go for a gel with a tint. 

9. Made you blush

Younger faces do well with powder blushes on the apples of cheeks. Older faces benefit from cream and liquid blushes high on the cheekbones for added glow and a lifting effect.

10. Lips for the win

A lip liner close to your natural lip color can help keep things in place. Experimenting with color is a simple way to add drama or pop. A bit of shine with gloss will plump and smooth your lips.


Make the most of your looks with healthy skin and full brows and lashes. If you’re struggling in any of these areas, you can get real results with NULASTIN®. These powerhouse serums are simple to use and activated by the world’s first ethically sourced biodesigned elastin. 
Success starts with solid self-care. Take your time, look your best, get out there and dazzle!


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