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Visibly stronger, thicker & more resilient hair. Our unique HAIR Vibrant Scalp Treatment with Elastaplex® Technology supports your body’s natural ability to stimulate the replenishment of elastin — leading to a well-nourished scalp and healthy hair follicles.

"I've had a bald spot for years. 

There is hair there now!"

– Alex S.

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The Results




In a 16-week clinical evaluation, our HAIR Vibrant Scalp Treatment with Elastaplex® reduced the appearance of thinning and bald spots for 80% of participants.

"My hair started thinning when I was younger and it’s only gotten worse over time. After a few weeks of using the hair serum, I’ve noticed that my bald spots have drastically improved and my hair is just overall healthier."

– Tim L.

"My hair started thinning when I was younger and it’s only gotten worse over time. After a few weeks of using the hair serum, I’ve noticed that my bald spots have drastically improved and my hair is just overall healthier."

– Tim L.

Proprietary & Patented Formula

NULASTIN® created the world’s first ethically-sourced elastin and keratin proteins for cosmetics. These proteins are proven to rejuvenate hair follicles and support hair health. Application is easy, efficient, and highly effective.

Customer Reviews

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Karen L.
Best lashes of my life at 53

My eyebrows and lashes were thinning, and now they are definitely fuller and longer. Family members and friends have asked about my lashes in particular, complimenting how great my eyes look. My eyebrows are taking longer to fill in, but they are coming along. It took close to 10 weeks, twice a day, to notice a significant difference. Now I’m maintaining my lashes with once a day but still applying twice a day on my brows.

I’m seeing positive results with the hair application too, though admittedly, I haven’t applied it as regularly and tend to run out of it before I need refills for the brow/lash applications. Coordinating the bundle that way can be a challenge, but it’s worth it. I do not want to be without Nulastin. I feel remarkably better about my appearance due to its effects. So thankful! I am wearing zero eye make up now and love it.

Customer service is top-tier too. I had a mixup about the delivery address and Nulastin reshipped at no charge to me.

Thank you, Nulastin.

Gina M.
Eyebrows are back better than ever!!

11 weeks ago I took the plunge on an ad I saw because I lost the front and ends of my eyebrows. I had no idea they were going- I was just watching my face looking different and couldn’t put my finger on what was changing. I then realized- I had barely any eyebrows left. After multiple tests and dead ends I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. Watching the progression in real life and in pics was very rewarding. The compliments on my “micro blading” which never happened started about week 7 of use. I laughed and told them it wasn’t fake, it was nulastin. I’m a lifelong fan and I thank you for allowing me to decrease the amount of drawing I had to do on my face to feel normal again. The lash serum has grown my lashes to the point I don’t need anything but regular mascara too so double bonus!!

Carol W.
5 stars! Say BROWS, LASHES, and HAIR…oh my!!!!

64 with thyroid issues and half my brows gone until Nulastin Brows x2 months! Can’t believe this! They are darkening and filling in! No more lashes falling out and they are longer (using the lash formula)! Both brows and lashes are stronger/longer and brows harder to pluck due to being more firmly attached! Hair sprouting where it was thin and I have new growth all over my head!! Same 2 months of use of serum and moisturizer…fine lines disappearing. No one believes my age. I’m only using all these products once a day, as well, and use Nulastin massager sporadically. Don’t think twice. Jump in with both feet immediately!

Really works!

This product really does work. I strictly used the brow and lash serum twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, and I started to notice significant change after 6 weeks of using it. I'm really happy with the results. To keep the results you have to continue using the product, but totally worth it!

Jennifer Q.
Eyelash and eyebrow serum are amazing!

Nulastin eyelash and eyebrow serums are amazing. The photo on the bottom was taken before I started using Nulastin. The one in the middle is after 4 weeks and the top is after 6 weeks. Hoping the hair serum is back in stock soon!!

Gerri G.
Worked for me!

Here are my naked eyebrows before and after using nulastin. I use both the brow and lash products on my brows. The lash product worked on my lashes, but left me with dry eyes so I sadly had to stop using it. But look at my brows! Thicker, natural, great!