Collagen. Keratin. Biotin. When it comes to hair and skin health, there’s no doubt that you’ve come across supplements containing one, two, or even all three of the above. While collagen, keratin, and biotin can help enhance the health of your hair and skin, there is limited research and science that support their effectiveness in beauty supplements. But there’s probably one essential beauty protein you’ve never heard of with clinically proven science and effectiveness: elastin. Below, we’ll get into what elastin is, why it’s rarely talked about in the beauty industry, and how you can use elastin to achieve your ultimate lash, brow, hair, and skin goals!

What is elastin?

A highly elastic protein in the extracellular matrix of the skin, elastin allows the skin to retain its firmness and return to its original position after it’s stretched. It also helps hair follicles stay anchored and imparts integrity to the hair — allowing it to remain flexible and avoid breakage. Unfortunately, the human body stops producing structural proteins such as elastin when we hit puberty. The amount of elastin we have at the age of 12 is intended to last a lifetime. But factors such as stress, sun exposure, tobacco use, weight changes, harsh weather conditions, and aging all accelerate the loss of elastin.

And elastin depletion can result in sparse lashes and brows, thinning hair, saggy, dry, blotchy skin, and even scarring. That’s exactly why it’s extremely important to replenish your body’s elastin supply.

Why haven’t you heard of elastin?

You’re probably wondering: “If elastin is so incredible, why haven’t I seen it advertised anywhere?” The truth is that elastin is very expensive to create. Companies that want to offer elastin in their beauty products have to extract it from external sources. 90% of the elastin that is offered in beauty formulas is from an animal source. One problem with animal-based elastin is that it is less bioavailable — meaning that it is not as easily absorbed by your body and is therefore less effective. Competitors’ finished elastin products are hardened and unable to penetrate the skin when applied. Our unique formulas allow your body to effectively stimulate the replenishment of elastin from within. 

How do you use elastin?

Most supplements containing elastin come in pill form, but elastin is most effective when applied directly to the skin. All of our LASH, BROW, HAIR, and SKIN serums are topically applied, meaning that you’ll be providing your body with the most bioavailable form of tropoelastin and supporting your body’s ability to stimulate the replenishment of elastin from within. Whether you’re looking to visibly boost the length and fullness of your lashes and brows, restore your skin’s smoothness, firmness, and elasticity, or promote fuller-looking hair, it only takes two applications per day (morning and night) of each NULASTIN® product. Join the thousands of real people who have used NULASTIN® to achieve results that are impossible to overlook!