Who doesn’t want to look amazing on their big day? We know all the preparation can seem overwhelming at first, especially with so many to-dos on your list and festivities to plan. That’s why our beauty experts have outlined exactly what to do – and when – to make it manageable, relaxing and FUN. Follow our NULASTIN® Bridal Glam Plan and radiate confidence during this unforgettable chapter of love. 

10 months to 1 year out

Make a date with your dentist

Talk to your dentist about any straightening, in-office whitening or even cosmetic options you want to explore. Invisalign can yield fast results if you’ve always wanted a straighter smile. But we think the most beautiful smiles are happy ones, so don’t be afraid to keep it simple. 

Catch up with your dermatologist, too

Regardless of your skin goals, your dermatologist is a good sounding board for any treatments, lasers, or new products you’re curious about. This visit is when many brides discuss peels, retinols or retinoids, injectables, and devise a plan for any maintenance treatments like monthly facials. 

Focus on your fitness

It’s also time to think about what your body needs. Are you getting enough cardio? Do you want more mindfulness in your life? Where can you squeeze in some simple strength training? Be kind to yourself and set realistic milestones to build a healthier lifestyle one step at a time. 

9 months out

Pump up your brows & lashes 

The fastest way to nurture new growth is to get started with our BROW Shape Altering Serum. Resist the urge to heavily pluck for now. You can always refine the shape closer to your big day. For puny lashes, our LASH Follicle Fortifying Serum is a one-way ticket to Bombshell town. You’ll notice healthier, fuller-looking lashes and brows in as little as 4 weeks. 

Dial up your shower power

Combat dull skin with regular exfoliation. We recommend starting with once a week and increasing frequency if needed. It’s also important to build a foundation of hydration with nourishing, moisturizing body wash (fragrance-free for sensitive skin!). As soon as you turn off the water, lock-in that moisture with a rich body lotion. 

8 months out

Stay on top of skincare

Our Gentle Exfoliating SKIN Cleanser with Invigorating Caffeine is perfect for sloughing off dead skin cells, prepping the skin for any treatment, and creating a luminous canvas for elastin replenishment – which is absolutely transformative. 

The Elastaplex® Technology in our SKIN Intensive Hydrating Serum and Rejuvenating SKIN Facial Moisturizer features “tropoelastin”. This is the precursor to human elastin – the youth and beauty protein. When applied, our formula releases tropoelastin molecules that help promote the creation of brand new virgin tissue. Customers notice lines softening, dark spots fading, and a youthful, lifted appearance in as little as a few weeks.

Perfect & maintain your hair color

Start experimenting now to find your perfect shade and schedule a touch-up roughly 2 weeks before the wedding. Once you have your color dialed in, you’ll also want to get intentional with maintenance. That means shampooing less often, avoiding too-hot water and being mindful when swimming or sunning. Aim to wash your hair no more than 3-4 times a week, detangling between washes. 

7 months out

Restore your hair’s fullness & strength

For maximum volume, get started with our HAIR Vibrant Scalp Treatment with Elastaplex®. This gentle serum helps replenish the elastin your scalp loses every day to support healthy hair growth by stimulating degraded hair follicles and strengthens hair-producing cells. Over 16 weeks, 80% of customers notice a reduction in the appearance of thinning and bald spots. And 92% of customers see an improvement in the appearance of hair growth.

6 months out

Nail your wedding day look

This is the time to book your hair stylist and identify your top picks for makeup artists. Make sure your glam squad has your dates locked-in and get your trials on the books ASAP, in case you want to do more than one session. Some brides schedule their hair and makeup trials for the same day as their engagement party, photos, shower or bachelorette to get the most bang for their buck. Brilliant!

5 months out

Get your glow on 

You have plenty of time to try at-home self-tanners or head in for a trial spray. It may take some trial and error to get your perfect shade. Once you find the method that works best, we love the idea of prepping for your dress fitting with your perfect color. It won’t rub off, and seeing it next to your dress will help you fine-tune whether you want to go darker, lighter or skip it altogether.  

3 months out 

Call in the brow pros

After 6 months of babying those brows, you’re probably loving the natural fullness, density and new growth. But the shape? Maybe it needs a little reigning in. If you’re feeling confident, grab the tweezers and go slow (one hair at a time). Otherwise, enlist help from your brow waxer and ask them to take a conservative approach to maintain the fullness. With your dream brows ready to go, maintenance is easy! 

2 months out

Shine up that smile

Depending on what your approach to whitening has been, it might be time for an in-office or at-home touch-up. After whitening, remember to be wary of staining agents, like red wine, coffee and tomato sauces. You don’t have to avoid staining foods altogether, but try to use an eco-friendly straw or be diligent about brushing or rinsing after eating or drinking. 

1 month out

Put yourself first

There’s nothing like a spa day to relax and reset. If you’re looking for some deep relaxation, try a Swedish massage or a guided meditation session. If your bachelorette party falls within this time, schedule a spa day with your closest gal pals. Drink plenty of water and continue to prioritize sleep and exercise to feel your best and keep your energy levels up.

10 days - 2 weeks out

Book your last salon visit

There’s still time to make adjustments if necessary, but the two-week mark is a great time to trim any split ends, go for your final color or glossing treatment and cover any pesky roots. If you’re going for balayage or highlights, now is the time. Ask your stylist about lighter warm tones like honey, gold and amber. These tones can visually brighten your complexion and add youthful warmth and radiance. 

Bring your brow game

Get your brows waxed or shaped at the two-week mark to give your skin plenty of time to heal. From then on, you can handle any strays at home with trusty tweezers. 

5 days - 1 week out

Get silky-smooth all over

Any waxing appointments should be set for at least five days ahead of time to allow any redness, swelling or irritation to calm down. Resist the urge to shave before your appointment, too. The ideal hair length for waxing is 1/4 of an inch. This is also a good time to start exfoliating daily to prep the skin for your spray tan, if you’re getting one.

48 hours out

Stay chip-free

You already have your salon, nail tech and color chosen, so just relax and let yourself enjoy the process. You can even think of it as the pre-party and get your friends or family together to make it a social affair. Make sure you're using a long-wearing or gel polish to avoid any chips and cracks on your big day. 

Spray your way

Schedule your spray tan 48 hours before your wedding for the most natural-looking result when you say “I do”. This gives time for some gentle fading to avoid dark spots and a long, relaxing shower to rinse off any residual scent.

Self-care is a beautiful thing and gearing up for your big day never looked so good. With this plan in-hand, we recommend booking all your appointments at once. Sit down and get it knocked out so you have your first pick of dates – and all you have to do is look forward to the pampering!

Our entire collection supports the body’s natural ability to stimulate the replenishment of elastin while defending against matrix protein damage caused by aging, stress, sun exposure, weight changes and other factors. You can try NULASTIN® risk-free because every one of our products is backed by a 100% Performance Guarantee. If our product(s) do not perform to your expectations, you can exchange or return them at any time [Terms and Conditions Apply].