Privacy Policy

This is NULASTIN, Inc.’s (“Company”) privacy policy that governs your access to or use ofCompany’s website and purchase of products (collectively the “Services”). Your privacy isimportant to Company (referenced further as “we”, “us” and “our”). We are committed toprotecting personally identifiable information you may provide us through our Services. We haveadopted this Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) to explain what information may be collected onor through our Services, how we use this information, including our successors, parents,subsidiaries, affiliates, and related companies, and under what circumstances we may disclosethe information to third parties. This Privacy Policy applies only to information we collectthrough our Services and does not apply to our collection of information from other sources. 

1. Introduction 

This Privacy Policy, together with any terms and conditions posted on our website or access ordisclosed through the Services, sets forth the general rules and policies governing your use of ourServices. Depending on your activities, you may be required to agree to additional terms andconditions to the extent you necessary to grant you access to or right to certain services andsupport.We keep this Privacy Policy posted on our website and you should review it frequently, as it maychange from time to time without notice. Any changes will be effective immediately upon theposting of the revised Privacy Policy. WHEN YOU ACCESS OUR WEBSITE OR SERVICES,YOU CONSENT TO THE TERMS OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY. IF YOU DO NOT AGREETO THIS PRIVACY POLICY, OR TO ANY CHANGES WE MAY SUBSEQUENTLY MAKE,IMMEDIATELY STOP ACCESSING OUR WEBSITE OR USING OUR SERVICES.

2. Collected Information 

Our Services have the ability to collect two types of information from and about you:(a) information that you provide that personally identifies you and (b) information that does notpersonally identify you that we automatically collect when you visit our Website or that youprovide us. 

Personally Identifiable Information: Our definition of personally identifiableinformation includes any information that may be used to specifically identify or contactyou, such as your name, postal and email addresses, phone number, credit cardinformation, information about your web browser, IP address, time zone, deviceinformation, including cookies log files, and web beacons, and more. In certaincircumstances, we may request, allow, or otherwise provide you an opportunity to submityour personally identifiable information in connection with a feature, a service, or someother aspect of our Website. For instance, you may: (a) provide your name, address,phone number, and email address to register on our Website to use or purchase products;(b) provide certain demographic information about yourself (e.g., age, gender, purchase,preference, usage, frequency, etc.) when registering on our Website; (c) provide paymentinformation when ordering products on the Website, or (d) post a general comment and/orrecommendation on our Website. Certain information may not be personally identifiable when standing alone (e.g., your age), but may become so when combined with otherinformation (e.g., your age and name). Whether or not you provide this information isyour choice; however, in many instances this type of information is required toparticipate or purchase the particular product or service, or gain access to our Website. 

Non-Personal Information: Our definition of non-personal information is anyinformation that does not personally identify you. Non-personal information can includecertain personally identifiable information that has been de-identified; that is, informationthat has been rendered anonymous. We obtain non-personal information about you frominformation that you provide us, either separately or together with your personallyidentifiable information. We also automatically collect certain non-personal informationfrom you when you access our website. This information can include, among otherthings, IP addresses, the type of browser you are using (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox,Safari, etc.), the third party website from which your visit originated, the operatingsystem you are using (e.g., Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, etc.), the domain name of yourInternet service provider (e.g., America Online, NetZero, etc.), the search terms you useon our Website, the specific web pages you visit, and the duration of your visits.

We collect this information: (a) directly from you when you provide it to us; (b) automatically asyou navigate through the website or use our Services; and/or (c) from third parties, for example,our business partners. 

When you submit information to us through our website, you should be aware that yourinformation is transmitted across the Internet and that no method of transmission over theInternet is 100% secure. Although we take reasonable security measures to protect yourinformation when we receive it, you also need to ensure you take appropriate steps to protectyour information.

3. Use of Information 

The personally identifiable information collected through our Services is generally used to fulfillyour requests for our products, to respond to your inquiries about our offerings, to personalizeyour online experience, screen orders for potential risk of fraud, communicate with you aboutyour order , to personalize your experience, to improve our website, to improve customerservices, to process transactions, to send communications including emails, and to administercontests, promotions, surveys or other site features, and in other ways naturally associated withthe circumstances in which you provided the information. We also may use this information tolater contact you for a variety of reasons, such as customer service, offering you other productsor to communicate with you about content or other information you have posted or shared withus. 

We may share or sell your personally identifiable information with third parties such as ourpartners, contractors, vendors, consultants and professional advisors to the extent necessary forthem to perform services on our behalf. For example, we use Shopify to power our online store--you can read more about how Shopify uses your Personal Information here: We also use Google Analytics to help us understand how ourcustomers use the Site -- you can read more about how Google uses your Personal Information here: You can also opt-out of Google Analyticshere:

We also use your Personal Information to provide you with targeted advertisements or marketingcommunications we believe may be of interest to you. For more information about how targetedadvertising works, you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative’s (“NAI”) educational page at You canopt out of targeted advertising on the platforms you visit. Additionally, you can opt out of someof these services by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance’s opt-out portal at:

In response to a legal process or law enforcement request we may disclose personally identifiableinformation. We also may disclose personally identifiable information if we believe it isnecessary to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud,situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of our termsof use, or as otherwise required by law. In addition, we may transfer your personally identifiableinformation as part of the assets of Company if Company is, or parts of its business are, sold to,merged with or acquired by, a third party. 

We use the non-personally identifiable information that we collect in a variety of ways, includingto administer the Services, help us analyze site traffic, understand customer needs and trends,carry out targeted promotional activities, improve the quality of the Services and gather broaddemographic information. We may use your non-personal information by itself or aggregate itwith information we have obtained from others. We may share your non-personal informationwith our affiliated companies and third parties to achieve these objectives and others. In noevent is this information matched to your personally identifiable information, and aggregateinformation is anonymous information that does not personally identify you. 

Agents and contractors of Company that have access to personally identifiable information arerequired to protect this information in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Policy by, forexample, not using the information for any purpose other than to carry out the services they areperforming for Company. Company will not use or transfer personally identifiable informationprovided to us in ways unrelated to the ways described above without also providing you with anopportunity to opt out of these unrelated uses.

4. Other Uses and Information 

IP Addresses. An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computerwhenever you are surfing the Internet. Web servers (computers that “serve up” web pages)automatically identify your computer by its IP address. When visitors request pages from ourWebsite, our servers typically log their IP addresses. We collect IP addresses for purposes ofsystem administration, to report non-personal aggregate information to others, and to track theuse of our Website. IP addresses are considered non-personal information and also may be sharedas provided above. It is not our practice to link IP addresses to anything personally identifiable;that is, the visitor’s session will be logged, but the visitor remains anonymous to us. However,we reserve the right to use IP addresses to identify a visitor when we feel it is necessary or: (a) tofulfill a government request; (b) to conform with the requirements of the law or legal process; (c) to protect or defend our legal rights or property, our Website, or other users; or (d) in anemergency, to protect the health and safety of our Website’s users or the general public. 

Cookies. “Cookies” are small text files from a website that are stored on your hard drive. Thesetext files make using our website more convenient by, among other things, saving yourpreferences for you. Cookies themselves do not typically contain any personally identifiableinformation. We may analyze the information derived from these cookies and other technologicaltools we employ (such as clear gifs/web beacons) and match this information with data providedby you or another party. We may provide our analysis and certain non-personal information tothird parties (who may in turn use this information to provide advertisements tailored to yourinterests), but this will not involve disclosing any of your personally identifiable information. Ifyou are concerned about the storage and use of cookies, you may be able to direct your internetbrowser to notify you and seek approval whenever a cookie is being sent to your hard drive. Youalso may delete a cookie manually from your hard drive through your internet browser or otherprograms. Please note, however, that some parts of our website will not function properly or beavailable to you if you refuse to accept a cookie or choose to disable the acceptance of cookies.

Email Communications. If you send us an email with questions or comments, we may use yourpersonally identifiable information to respond to your questions or comments, and we may saveyour questions or comments for future reference. For security reasons, we do not recommendthat you send non-public personal information, such as passwords or credit card information tous by email. However, aside from our reply to such an email, it is not our standard practice tosend you email unless you request a particular service or sign up for a feature that involves emailcommunications, it relates to purchases you have made with us (e.g., product updates, customersupport, etc.), we are sending you information about our other products and services, or youconsented to being contacted by email for a particular purpose. In certain instances, we mayprovide you with the option to set your preferences for receiving email communications from us;that is, agree to some communications but not others. We reserve the right to send youtransactional emails such as customer service communications.

Text Communication: If you provide us your phone number, we may use your personalidentifiable information to correspond with your regarding purchases you have made or updatingyou on products and product sales and initiatives. For security reasons, we do not recommendthat you send non-public personal information, such as passwords or credit card information tous by text. However, aside from our reply to such a text, it is not our standard practice to sendyou texts unless you have agreed to sign up to receive text messages from us, request a particularservice or sign up for a feature that involves text communications, it relates to purchases youhave made with us (e.g., product updates, customer support, etc.), we are sending youinformation about our other products and services, or you consented to being contacted by textfor a particular purpose.

Other Disclosures. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, we reserve the right todisclose any personally identifiable or non-personal information about you if we are required todo so by law, with respect to copyright and other intellectual property infringement claims, or ifwe believe that such action is necessary: (a) to fulfill a government request; (b) to conform with the requirements of the law or legal process; (c) to protect or defend our legal rights or property,our Website, or other users; or (d) in an emergency, to protect the health and safety of ourWebsite’s users or the general public.

5. Deleting Information About You 

Whether or not you provide certain personally identifiable information is completely your ownchoice. You are not obligated to answer any question that is presented to you on our through ourServices. You may opt-out from receiving future promotional information from us or ouraffiliated companies, or direct that we not share your information with any affiliated companies.Whether or not you opt-out is your choice; however, in many instances this type of informationis required to participate in a particular activity, realize a benefit we may offer, or gain access tocertain content, Services or offers. 

You have the right to access personal information we hold about you and to ask that yourpersonal information be corrected, updated, or deleted. If you would like to exercise this right,please contact us through the contact information below. 

6. Protecting Children

We take special care to protect the safety and privacy of children. Our site is a general audiencesite. Nevertheless, the features, programs, promotions, services and other aspects of our websiterequiring the submission of personally identifiable information are not intended for anyone under18 years of age.

7. Keeping Your Information Secure 

We have implemented security measures we consider reasonable and appropriate to protectagainst the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information under our control. Please be advised,however, that while we strive to protect your personally identifiable information and privacy, wecannot guarantee or warrant the security of any information you disclose or transmit to us onlineand are not responsible for the theft, destruction, or inadvertent disclosure of your personallyidentifiable information. In the unfortunate event that your “personally identifiable information”(as the term or similar terms are defined by any applicable law requiring notice upon a securitybreach) is compromised, we may notify you by e-mail (at our sole and absolute discretion) to thelast e-mail address you have provided us in the most expedient time reasonable under thecircumstances; provided, however, delays in notification may occur while we take necessarymeasures to determine the scope of the breach and restore reasonable integrity to the system aswell as for the legitimate needs of law enforcement if notification would impede a criminalinvestigation. From time to time we evaluate new technology for protecting information, andwhen appropriate, we upgrade our information security systems.

8. Collection of Information By Third-Party Sites, Ad Servers, and Sponsors 

Our Services may contain links to other third party sites or services that we do not control ormaintain. These sites and services may have information practices different from ours. Youshould exercise caution and consult the privacy notices and terms of conditions of all third partywebsites and services before accessing or using such services, as we have no control overinformation that is submitted to, or collected by, these third parties. Company has no control over any third party website or any third party products or services.   Therefore, we cannot beresponsible for the protection and privacy of any information that you provide while using suchservices.

9. Contact 

If you have questions about this Privacy Policy or the practices of this site, please contact:

 Attn: Privacy Compliance 

1200 Pearl Street 

Boulder CO 80302, United States

10. Sole Statement 

This Privacy Policy as posted on this website is the sole statement of our Privacy Policy withrespect to our Services, and no summary, modification, restatement or other version thereof, orother privacy statement or policy, in any form, is valid unless we post a new or revised policy tothe Website.

11. Effective Date 

The Privacy Policy was updated on or about March 2022.