Tackling Stress for Healthier Hair, Body & Mind

Stress is tough to avoid and totally natural, but too much stress over time can lead to a variety of uncomfortable physical and mental symptoms or even chronic conditions. Since it’s Hair Loss Awareness month, let’s take a closer look at one of the most common and least talked about causes of premature hair loss: stress.

Types of Stress

The funny thing about stress is that it generally feels unsettling, leaving us with that frazzled, hopeless feeling. This makes it hard to categorize, but there are actually three main types of stress most of us experience regularly. Acute stress happens in brief, uncomfortable situations like travel delays, arguments, or less-than-ideal work meetings. Acute episodic stress is like acute stress in that it can apply to smaller, more transactional things, but it’s recurring – making it harder to escape from. Think work deadlines, tough school classes or particularly stressful morning commutes. Chronic stress is attributed to longer-term situations like divorce, unemployment, or even serious illness. 

And even though our minds can tell the difference between these different types of stress, our bodies can’t. They all provoke the same “fight-or-flight” response, which used to be important for survival – but humans these days aren’t usually fighting off large predators or escaping physically dangerous situations.

The Effects of Ongoing Stress

Acute stress happens, but acute episodic and chronic stress pose more serious risks since they don’t allow cortisol (“the stress hormone”) levels to return to normal. Instead, your body stays in a heightened state which can be damaging and lead to visible effects. 

Recent studies show that chronic stress impairs hair follicle stem cells because heightened cortisol levels can put hair follicle stem cells into an extended resting phase – where regeneration is paused. During the resting phase, hair sheds more easily, but since regeneration is inhibited, lost strands can’t be replenished. This is why we see thinning and bald spots.

Stress, Food & Wellness

We know stress has a negative impact on hair growth, but the issue goes even deeper than that. Stress also influences hair and skin health by interfering with our eating and sleeping habits. During stressful periods, we tend to stay in lighter sleep stages which fuels the cortisol levels in our bodies – creating a vicious cycle. 

And when we’re not getting enough rest during times of chronic stress, the stress hormone can lead to food cravings. “Comfort food” is what we tend to reach for during these stretches, leaving our bodies starved of the powerful nutrients we need for proper function. Mindful eating habits and a healthier diet help counteract stress by regulating the stress hormone. Polyunsaturated fats like omega-3s found in salmon, eggs, walnuts and flaxseeds, and nutrient-dense veggies go a long way to restore hormonal balance. 

If you’re too busy to cook, meal prepping might be a great way to beat stress and guarantee your body is getting what it needs throughout the week. These nutrient-rich foods also support hair health from the inside out – promoting strong, shiny hair and supporting new growth.

Fast-Acting Stress Relievers

If you’re looking for immediate relief from stress, there are a few things you can do that provide instantaneous results. Plus, they’re free.

1. Create Something 

Cooking, drawing, painting, writing, playing music or anything that gets the creative juices flowing helps dispel stress. Studies show that even coloring can help, plus it’s easy to pick up and put down with no cleanup. Bonus points if you share the experience with someone wonderful.

2. Snuggle Up

Did you know hugging a loved one or petting an animal has an instant relaxing effect? Physical touch results in the release of a hormone called “oxytocin” that promotes better moods, lower blood pressure and an overall sense of connection and wellbeing. 

3. Try PMR

To feel the benefits of progressive muscle relaxation, start with a few deep breaths before tightening and relaxing each muscle group one at a time. Move from top to bottom, starting with your forehead and finishing with your toes. Over time, you’ll be able to find and dispel muscle tension faster – and enter a calmer state of mind and body. 

4. Take a Walk

Getting outside for a little sunshine and movement is all it takes to boost your mood and alleviate stress. Aim for at least 10 minutes at a moderate pace to enjoy the benefits.

5. Breathe Deeper

We tend to take more shallow breaths during moments of stress, but deep, restorative breaths can quickly reduce tension and stabilize your heart rate. Try breathing in more slowly through your nose and allowing your belly to expand with each breath. Count to three as you inhale and exhale, imagining that each breath is traveling to areas of tension in your body.

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