Is it just us or is the air buzzing with that luxurious long-weekend feeling? To send you off in style, we’ve rounded up our top 10 travel beauty tips to keep you looking and feeling fresh on the road. Don’t worry, they’re 100% minimalist-friendly and fit perfectly within your TSA carry-on bag. 

1. Avoid Product Breakage

Face and eye palettes are great for travel because they give you choices without taking up much space. The drawback? Depending on where they’re stowed, the jostle of travel comes with a risk of breakage. To save your favorite palettes from dreaded cracks and crumbles, take a cotton round or folded tissue and place it on top of the powder before closing the lid. The added cushion will ensure safe travel for your powders and mirrors.

2. Pack Workhorse Products

Toting your entire collection may seem like a good idea, but when you have full days planned, you won’t feel like digging for what you need – let alone putting on a full face. Prioritize only your must-haves and hardworking multi-taskers. Use bronzer as eyeshadow for a sun-kissed smokey look, lipstick as blush for a monochrome glow and create your own DIY tinted moisturizer with your favorite concealer and a touch of our best-selling Rejuvenating SKIN Facial Moisturizer. A gentle swipe of moisturizer can also add a flattering sheen to your décolletage and tame flyaway hair. 

3. Think Beyond Sunscreen

We know SPF is a must, but when you’re wrapped up in the moment, it’s easy to forget to reapply. Wearing protective clothing goes a long way to minimize sun exposure and elevate your look. Wide-brimmed hats, glamorous, oversized anti-reflective sunnies, and light, breathable layers look chic and offer a double-line of defense against signs of premature aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

4. Fake the Wide-Awake Look

The stresses of travel, especially at altitude, can lead to eye dryness and irritation. The temp inside the plane, pressure-controlled cabin and lack of humidity make it tough to look bright-eyed when you land. Banish the bloodshot look and rehydrate tired eyes with a lubricating eye drop. We love the wakening effects of Lumify drops for instantly whiter, brighter eyes.

5. Keep Hair Styling Simple

Heat styling can be hard on hair, so vacation is the perfect time to skip that step and give your hair a much-needed break. Leave bulky hairdryers and irons at home and lean into cute hats, hair scarves and accessories instead. Keep the volume alive and extend your styles with dry shampoo when you need a refresher. Blondes can get away with almost any formula, but tinted varieties blend better for dark-haired beauties.

6. Stop Product Leaks Before They Start

Sure, using plastic-lined cosmetic bags and investing in high quality products help, but the only way to rise above leaks and save precious products during travel is prevention. For screw-top items, stop leaks by unscrewing the lid, adding a small piece of plastic wrap, and replacing the lid. Voila! 

7. Don’t Fuss with Full-Size

We highly recommend our Luxe Travel Kit (sustainable, recyclable and refillable!) to tote your elastin replenishment essentials, but for other toiletries, invest in some chic, reusable travel containers. Cadence offers systems that are magnetic, color-coded and leakproof for bath and shower essentials. Keep your bags light and your vanity clutter-free by leaving heavy, full-size bottles at home.

8. Revive Your Glow on The Go

There are a handful of items that can bring your complexion back to life after a long day of travel. Consider oil blotting sheets, moist cleansing wipes and a refreshing toner or facial mist. While we never recommend skipping your cleanser in favor of wipes, they’re the ideal stopgap to get you between point A and point B to feeling revitalized.

9. Keep Your Look in Top Condition

One of our favorite multi-taskers hands down is hair conditioner. It’s perfect for keeping your hair sleek, works double-duty as an anti-frizz leave-in, and is arguably better than the best shaving creams when it comes to softening body hair for removal. Plus, it’s probably already stashed where you’re staying. One less thing to pack! 

10. Make Bright Lipstick Your Secret Weapon

It may sound counterintuitive to bring red lipstick when you’ve pared down your travel kit to the basics, but a trusty, true red satin-finish lipstick conquers all. It brightens your whole face (even when it’s otherwise bare), makes your teeth look radiantly white, and can even be used as a color corrector (with a light hand, of course!). To neutralize dark circles and bring a rosy glow to your face, tap the color on with your finger, using sheer layers to build coverage as you go.

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