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Donna S.

I had very blond lashes and I am so happy to tell you that they have darkened! I see them without mascara now!! Whoo hooo and they are curly too without an eyelash curler. I’ve used one as long as I can remember. I’m still on my first tube, and I began Nulastin on May 2!! It’s just what it promised and that’s such a wonderful thing. I’ve recommended this product to anyone who will listen.

Mary C.

I just called my sister to tell her how great this product works! I am always skeptical of her suggestions. I have been using Latisse and we both agree Nulastin does a much better job!

Lucy K.

I just wanted to let you know that I went to get my lashes tinted today. Which I do about every 6 weeks. My “lash girl” asked if I was using something on my lashes. She said they were longer and thicker and looked as if I had extensions. Which she does. I have been using your product for a few months and obviously it’s working!!!! Just wanted to let you know that an expert in the field took notice :)


I hadn’t had lashes for years and then after about 6 weeks of using this stuff - not even regularly, more like every other day - my lashes are nearly as long as they were in my 20s. I’m actually really impressed and just ordered more.

Barbara W.

I’m 69 years old, I’ve always had short eyelashes. I’ve tried several items out there that always promising longer lashes. Nulastin delivered on that promise, I can’t believe it. I wanted you to know, Nulastin worked for me. I applied twice a day, morning and evening until just within the last couple weeks and now I apply in the evening. Thank you so much for giving me the lashes I’ve always wanted.

Denise H.

This product totally worked for me! Still using first bottle thought I got 3. Six weeks out. Had to go to once a day. Crazy length. I have had so many compliments and recommended to lots of friends already. Best ever.

Ramona B.

I am loving the nulastin. I saw an improvement with my eyelashines in 2 weeks. People are noticing the difference and asked me if I was using a different mascara. My only complaint about it is that my lashes now touch sunglasses when I wear them lol. I’ve never had that happen before.

Kathy G.

Love my lashes! I am blonde and fair skinned and have never had great eye lashes. Since I started using the eye lash serum there is a DEFINITE difference. I can’t believe my lashes could become thicker in my 50’s!

Anne P.

This stuff works! SERIOUSLY…I tried Latisse and it sorta worked but changed my eye color, then I tried Rodan and Fields and it worked but NOT like this stuff, I’m sure everyone is different but I am shocked to see real results. I’m off extensions and on to growing my own! Saw a diff in about a week after starting.

Debra L.

I was skeptical when I purchased, but thought I would give it a try. I’ve been using for a month now and can already see a big difference! At 61, my lashes were becoming sparse and even with mascara, looked thin & spidery. Now, after using it every evening, my lashes are thicker and longer. When I put mascara on, WOW, they look like they did when in my 20s. Amazingly, this stuff is definitely working!

Candace A.

I started Nulastin about 3 months ago. I wanted to give it time to work. My lashes are now the longest and strongest they have ever been. I’ve used other products in the past, but this is the best!

Ruth B.

This eyelash serum really works!!! I can now say I “used to have” short, thin eyelashes – because after using Nulastin for just a couple months my lashes are long and beautiful. I have tried all the other products, Latisse, Renew, extensions, you name it; and although it seemed to take just a bit longer for me to see big results, the results have lasted much longer. Nulastin also does not irritate my eyes as Latisse did – no itchiness. This is a great product and well worth the money! Thank you!



I was really skeptical and nervous about buying such an expensive product, but took a chance based on some of the before/after photos. My brows were overplucked in the past, and I had been trying to grow them back out for a couple of years. I had a persistent bald patch on one brow in particular. I started noticing new growth after just a few weeks of using Nulastin. After about 2 months of twice daily use, my brows have really started to fill in - even the bald patch. They do grown in much darker and longer, so be prepared for that. I had to use brow scissors for the first time in my life. This was definitely worth the money.

Susie H.

This stuff really works! I’m 63 and haven’t had eyebrows forever! Now after using Nulastin I barely have to put any eyebrow pencil on! I’ve used other products that did nothing! How about a hair growth serum?!! Great product!

Tiffany O.

Great products! I have been using the products for 5 1/2 weeks. I have sensitive skin and a scar from basal cell skin cancer near my left eye, close to my tear duct. These products do not irritate my skin or my eyes. I am also a contact wearer and have not had any sensitivity with my contacts. I have already noticed a difference in my eyebrows and eye lashes. To be honest, I have only been applying these two products in the morning (instructions say to use twice a day) before my make up. My make up applies easily over them and I feel like the products help the makeup apply better. Great products!


My brows have been getting thinner and thinner over the last 5 years (hormones? age? I just turned 50) and I have tried so many things including Latisse off label use for my brows and other enhancers and nothing gave me the results I have seen with Nulastin. I am so happy Nulastin lived up to it’s statements. I was starting to think that microblading would be my only option for natural looking brows but it is super expensive and I really would prefer to have my own hair.

Barbi C.

When something works, you just can’t be without it! That’s how I feel about my brow serum! I’m so thankful I took a chance on a Facebook ad….never looking back….and doing it with brows!

Beryl D.

Astonishing! Nulastin exceeded all my expectations! My previously thinning eyebrows, started growing and are so much thicker that I don’t have to use makeup! My eyelashes also are noticeably longer. Best of all, friends have been complimenting me! They tell me I look great! I will definitely continue using Nulastin.

Pam S.

My eyebrows and eyelashes are lovely, full and thick. I thought this would never happen due to a hypothyroid condition. After diligent use to, I look forward to shaping, tinting and keeping up with the full brow trend. Bonus… no irritation or side effects despite sensitive skin and eyes.

Beth S.

I never had or have a lashes problem, however, for whatever reason my eyebrows fell out a little at a time? I tried many products to regrow my eyebrows (we women look goofy w/o eyebrows) nothing working. I saw a Nulastin ad on Facebook and didn’t like the cost $79 for just about an ounce! But then I thought, hey I have already spent more than that to try to regrow without success…so I bought it. After about a month of morning and evening applications I saw a vast improvement and now I could face the day w/o any brow coverup or makeup. Except I like a neater brow. DON’T HESITATE BUY BUY BUY NOW!

Christine S.

Before I had breast cancer and chemotherapy three years ago, I had gorgeous, thick brows. They thinned considerably as a result of my treatment. I cannot believe how much of a difference this product is making on my brows. They are still not what they once were, but they are getting there. I’m blown away.

Debra L.

Due to thyroid problem – my eyebrows where thinning, especially on my left eyebrow – I lost ALL the hairs from the arch on. Leah advised me to apply the serum twice a day – due to work schedule I only applied once – and used my eyebrow pencil as usual – once the serum dried it act as a base…. two months later The HAIRS GREW BACK!!
I had used Dr prescribed product that was more expensive and did not work as well. Nulastin is natural – it’s true – and will not disappoint you – the Company stands by their product!


Having no eye lashes (maybe 5 on each eye) 30+ years and barely any brow hairs 40+( I've always had more hair on the left and blond) I now have brows at 64 and the hair is darker! Not the tail end yet but new hairs sprouts are coming every day on both lash and brow. Lashes I had to take it slow, no after pictures yet. I've passed the 90 day mark. I've have thyroid issues since my 20's. Over the years I got very good with my makeup to hide the missing lashes and brows.. Stick with it! This product truly, truly works. I no longer dread waking in the morning to quickly put on my 'brows'.. Eye lash pics will come soon.. Thank you Leah. This really has changed my life.

Judy H.

I’m 71 years old and my brows had thinned over the years. After 2 months of using Nulastin I am blown away by the results. My brows are now totally filled in and look better than they have in decades. I’m still using the first tube of the lash serum and my lashes are longer and thicker than they have ever been. I’m thrilled to have found a product that actually works as advertised!


Eileen K.

I’ve been using Vibrant Scalp Treatment for a little over 7 weeks now, twice a day on problem areas as directed. It’s still a bit early for definitive testimony about this being a complete solution, but so far it seems to be helping to promote tiny new hairs to sprout and keep growing rather than fall out too soon. My hair texture has been straw-like despite researching and trying many different interventions; so far the texture problem hasn’t improved with use of Vibrant.

I’m going to keep at it and hope to see continued improvement. It does seem that the new hairs are coming in with my natural brunette hair color, not white/gray as I would expect.

In case this context is helpful: I’m in my early 50s. My hair loss has taken place over the last several years and probably tied to various hormonal issues—hypothyroid only recently diagnosed & treated, along with triggers of an emergency surgery and menopause.


I am loving these results. I can feel a thickness to my hair closer to the scalp. Can’t wait to see what it will look like in 6 months when it’s longer!

Ashly B.

I have been using Vibrant Scalp Treatment for less than 60 days and I am so blow away with the results. I have so much new hair growth. Do not hesitate on using this product. I am soooo in love!!!


I have been using the product for 4 weeks and have new hair growth everywhere. I’ve yried so many things that haven’t worked. I can’t wait to see 4 months of progress if this is what one month looks like.

Brenda G.

Been using for 1 month!!! Yay!!!! New hairs popping through! Cant wait to see in as nother 2 months how much has grown. 👍😁


I am happy with my progress and it's only been less than a month. I see "baby" hairs growing into my hairline. I can't see the progress on my real problem area to the middle of my scalp, but I am hopeful.My only concern is that I use this often and have many areas to apply it to and now it's sold out. I don't want to loose my progress. I hope that the product comes in soonThis WK I added the lash and brow products. My lash has not grown yet but the fan out more and look more noticeable.


I am loving this new product. I have already noticed more growth and volume. I can wait to see what happens next.

Marie F.

I have been using the serum now for a week and although it’s too early to notice a difference in the growth of the hair, I am pleasantly surprised in the volume it gives to my hair. I am excited to see the results and if it works as well as the lash and brow serum, I will be ecstatic.

Leah Garcia

This HAIR Vibrant Scalp Treatment product is personal. I started losing the hair on the top of my head in 2016 due to stress and aging. Every time I showered and combed my hair, chunks would fall out. I tried to make light of it by calling the wad, my little hair-animal. One day, my husband saw a photo of me and asked what was on the top of my head. It was my bald spot! Mortified, I deleted that photo; as I did with so many others that caused me emotional pain.

In February 2019, I started testing and using the current NULASTIN Scalp Treatment faithfully, twice daily. I would have my hair dresser take photos when I went to get my hair highlighted. From February 14 to May 1st, the bald spot was closing in, my part got thinner and my ponytail bigger. Naturally, I was over the moon with these changes ... but what really shocked me was the amount of hair I stopped losing daily. It went from multitudes of hundreds to such a small amount I could literally count them! It's been six months now and my hair continues to get thicker and fuller and I shed so little that I no longer have to sweep the bathroom floor daily. I can see the new growth, 2-3 inches of sprouts happily dancing on the top of my head.

Now, brace yourself. Not only am I experiencing this tremendous change to the texture, volume and health of my hair, my grey is not as prominent. I knew the elastin replenishment and keratin had the potential to repair the matrix proteins and the hair color restoration cells, but this was a pleasant surprise. I had gotten to a point where I needed color every 5 weeks to hide the grey.

The hair loss struggle is real. My dream is for you to experience the same profound changes I have experienced. Here's to the Evolution of Perfection!



No exaggeration. I’ve tried so many cleansers. NULASTIN has a winner. The gentle exfoliation is nurturing to my skin and leaves my complexion clean, but not stripped. A prefect prelude to the rest of the FaceCare Collection.

Donna L.

Easy to use and I love the results! I’ve used another skin care line for 30+ years, so I was reluctant to try anything else but I’m so glad I had a chance to try Nulastin! This grandma is seeing smoother skin and a brighter complexion than I ever thought I could. I’m hooked on these products!

Laurie P.

This company is amazing. They really do what they say they will and stand behind their products. I wish all companies ran such honest companies! Thank you for all of your help!

Denise H.

This product totally worked for me! Still using first bottle thought I got 3. Six weeks out. Had to go to once a day. Crazy length. I have had so many compliments and recommended to lots of friends already. Best ever.


The face serum is GREAT! Hydrates so nicely but doesn’t make foundation run. Thank you!

Margo H.

I have been a Lauder girl most of my 70 years…they have made it so complicated with so many different products … and being retired to ranch life I need things even simpler. I read all the info on Nulastin and was curious…the simplicity I wanted…saw process morning and night…serum that I love … a really nice moisturizer…and I really love the creamy exfoliator. Also…I had started using an infomercial product advertised on tv for wrinkle refugee. Used it faithfully for 2-3 weeks. My face felt like it had been burned! It was awful! I got my Nulastin and things quickly calmed down and feels soft again.

Mallory F.

This has become a daily part of my routine. Absolutely love this toner. Great customer service too!

Lisa S.

These products work! I have been using the entire product line since August and have seen amazing results with the lash and brow serum as well as an overall elasticity in my face! The customer service is outstanding and the packaging is very nice. I am truly a believer– try these products, you will not be disappointed!

Mara R.

This stuff works! SERIOUSLY…I tried Latisse and it sorta worked but changed my eye color, then I tried Rodan and Fields and it worked but NOT like this stuff, I’m sure everyone is different but I am shocked to see real results. I’m off extensions and on to growing my own! Saw a diff in about a week after starting.

Erica A.

After 3 weeks my skin is glowing and wrinkles are receding! Yes really! Yippe do da!! I love Nulastin…

Kristen H.

A couple days after my 39th birthday, I realized that I didn’t really want to age gracefully. My husband likes me keeping my hair bright, so that was the first move. Lately my skin has felt like it was getting old. A while back, Leah Garcia was launching a KIckstarter for her product Nulastin and I didn’t think I needed it, but I definitely wanted to help her succeed. She truly believed in it. I bit the bullet and paid full price for it. It’s not that it gets rid of wrinkles. It’s that it smooths you out and makes you radiant. I’ve noticed a difference in selfie photos I take. I have this frown line between my eyebrows that’s always been pronounced - it’s so minor now. And my neck wrinkles, which have really bugged me, are an after thought.I was breaking out for a while there but I kept the faith. I don’t ever need cover up now - all my giant pores, everything, it’s minmized and just the skin looks so happy. And the smell of the stuff! Love. Moreover it lasts forever. Both of us have been using it twice a day and it’s not empty yet. So there you have it - Leah has the fountain of youth. Go try it. :)

Melody B.

Genie in a bottle. I am absolutely LOVING my Nulastin product! I initially was attracted to the fact that the product line was cruelty free but was also searching for something to aid in my skin care. As a Mail Carrier my skin is exposed to the elements all day. Finding Nulastin has been a blessing.

100% Performance Guarantee

Our 100% Performance Guarantee allows you to exchange your purchase or return it at any time for a full refund (less S&P) if our products do not perform up to your expectations.

Individual results may vary. We recommend using NULASTIN consistently to achieve the most profound, beautiful and noticeable results.